What to do if I remember a sin AFTER confession?


I went to Confession yesterday morning, and then last night remembered a couple sins I forgot to confess. My husband said they were covered by the statement “I’m sorry for these sins and all the sins of my past”. A friend told me I need to include them in my next Confession.

I did not take Communion this morning because of this. In this situation, would it have been okay for me to take Communion or not? Thanks.


When the priest absolved you, he said, “And I absolve you of your sins …]”. Not some of your sins, all of them. You are fine to take Communion, though I believe it is necessary to confess sins you have forgotten in your next Confession if they are mortal. Hopefully, this link proves helpful: catholic.com/quickquestions/if-i-forgot-to-confess-a-mortal-sin-was-it-forgiven


Only if they are mortal.

It would be perfectly fine to take communion. Please note that this is the case even if you forget a mortal sin, which needs to be mentioned in your next confession, but does not mean you must abstain from receiving Eucharist until then.


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