What to do if the girl uses botox and hyaluronic acid to be more beautiful?

Shakespeare’s Hamlet seems to have such a phrase - "God gave you one face, and you make another out of it."
Cosmetologist sometimes makes a girl unrealistically beautiful and irresistible,but can a God-fearing girl with devout views on life take care of her appearance in such a way?
They say that - the invention of the “beauty shots” — a revolution in cosmetology.
It seems that in today’s world, the older a young woman becomes, the more she has reasons to resort to injections.
For cosmetologists, the appearance of Botox and hyaluronic acid injections is the same as for dentists, the introduction of implantation and metal-ceramic prosthetics.
There comes a point when you lose not only fat, but bone of the face. The bones become thinner. And at this stage, the increase in the volume of cheekbones or the strengthening of the brow arc is needed in order to be much more beautiful,
but I have a question, can a Christian girl who tries to impress her “boyfriend”( or is it better to use the word “fiancé”)use such cosmetic techniques?
Can a married woman, for example, impress her husband by improving her face in such a way?
How it is justified from a moral and spiritual point of view ?

In the words of a doctor friend, a face lift or other treatment of that kind can make a woman look ten years younger. However, she won’t look like herself ten years ago. She will look like somebody else who is ten years younger than her.

Answering your question, I have known several married middle-aged women who have undergone treatment of that kind, and I see nothing sinful about it. Whether it was wise, or sensible, or a good idea, is questionable. But sinful, no.


As long as a person has the disposable income, there is no sin in beauty treatments.

You don’t believe in any surgery then?
If you do why can you not apply that principle.

Who said that causing physical mods or even damage is immoral?
Is smoking sinful. I don’t believe so.

Here are two women who have resisted temptation. They didn’t resort to surgery or prostheses of any kind to enhance their natural beauty.

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Thanks. Very interesting. The question is that even a beautiful young woman sometimes wants to become even more - extremely beautiful.
Does this help her influence a man? Greatly help!
but her face is not her face, because after a couple of months if not continue to prick , it will disappoint the man, no less than before she fascinated him.
She’s got a point when it makes the actress for the stage and another thing when such a dummy trait artificial beauty is made to impress the groom or husband on a long term basis.

An interesting question :slight_smile: One I’ve thought about a bit as the 50’s loom closer.
My mum is the one who will have the most influence on what I decide,but I’ve never liked the idea of cosmetic surgery.
I remember the year my mother decided not to dye her hair and to me her words “well, someone needs to act their age” were very reassuring:) People may disagree with this,but I love it.And she is lovely in her 80’s.
Bartholomew’s photos show women missing a tooth…
I’m missing a tooth,thank God it’s not in a prominent place.Some day I hope to have something placed there as teeth do migrate and the structure of a cheek bone can change with a tooth gone.I need to keep eating for a long time yet,but I don’t see a tooth replacement as a beauty thing.
At any rate ,there are facial exercises that done correctly can stave off the aging ,plus exercising ,diet,
God bless :slight_smile:


Sometimes such cosmetology is resorted to by very beautiful women who want to become even more beautiful. They want everyone to be delighted with their radiant beauty.
They drive men crazy, they drive men to madness, they hypnotize and enslave.
Yet if a young woman uses such methods of cosmetology , it is far from spiritual meditation, she is more concerned about how to charm and seduce.:rofl:

Sometimes it can become an addiction,a psychological issue.

I don’t think that this is anything to worry about.

Pride /vanity comes from excessive focus on ones appearance that takes away from our focus on God.

One can have work like this done and be virtuous, and one can have missing teeth and not be.

It’s the heart that matters in both, and what makes one effective in thier daily walk. It’s different for everyone.


Yeah, that’s really true.
Beauty in combination with divine wisdom is only for the benefit and inspiration, but the beauty used by snakes to hypnotize and destroy innocent mice and frogs leads to destructive and demonic effects.
Very often the phenomenon of female beauty leads men to temptation and idolatry.
There are many stories when such temptresses are reduced from the righteous road, break families.

I remembered again the expression of Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

…“Within the infant rind of this small flower
Poison hath residence and medicine power.
For this, being smelt, with that part cheers each part;
Being tasted, slays all senses with the heart”…:slight_smile:

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