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Tonight I brought Communion home to my elderly cousin who was unable to get to Mass but very much wanted Eucharist on Holy Thursday. She didn’t receive right away because of nausea and wanted to wait a while but now she is deeply sleeping and is very hard to wake up at the best of times. Can I wait and give her Communion in the morning? My training as an EMHC didn’t cover this. Is there an allowable way to respectfully keep Our Lord in her room overnight (I hung the pyx on a large statue of Blessed Mother that’s in her bedroom while I did things around the house). Or should I consume the Host?


You should consume the host.


OP, the only direction I read was to not wake a sleeping patient.

What were your instructions in class regarding waiting a protracted period of time?

If you were driving eight hours to a destination, how would you keep the Host in transport? As far as I understand, even inches from the lips of the recipient, the Host is in transport until it’s given. It should be kept that way, unless it is in danger from doing so.

Please let us know what you did and if you receive feedback from your pastor. I’m very interested in the guidance you receive.


If she was unable to receive, then you should consume the host.
If she is able to receive only a tiny portion, it can be done by giving a very small piece of the host, and then you can consume the remainder.

If a substantial period of time has elapsed and the host has still not been consumed, one may take it back to the church, dissolve it in a glass of water, and then pour the contents down the Sacrarium, NOT a regular sink.

Perhaps your parish has a booklet or a frequently asked questions pamphlet covering all the possible scenarios. If not, ask you Pastor to draft one! You’re surely not the first person to have these questions.



I consumed the Host. I would have gone back to the church if it had been open and it wasn’t midnight on Holy Thursday. Thanks for the input.


You did the right thing.

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