What to do when bishop isn't in line with Church?

What can members of a diocese do when their bishop does not stand up for the Magesterium? I’ve seen posts saying that nuns and priests that are out of line with the Catholic church should be dealt with by their bishops, but what if the bishop himself is not in line? How do you deal with a bishop who refuses to stick his neck out for true church teachings? I am praying for those priests and bishops who are so far out of line with the church that they are more like politicians than servants of God. And I know there are some who are. Also, is there any reference anywhere stating what all bishops have sided with the USCCB on the HHS mandate? I would like to know exactly where my local bishop stands.

You could always call the chancery of your diocese and ask that question.

**Every single bishop **in the US publicallly opposed the HHS mandate.

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I thought that all the bishops were in line with the USCCB, but it seems like some came out and said one thing, then dropped the whole issue like it was a poisonous snake. It was almost like some said something out of obligation, then chose to ignore continuing on it.

You could express such concerns to the papal nuncio. But you should be respectful and obedient to your bishop in anything that doesn’t involve sin.

Rathering that speculating about it and lambasting our bishops, would you please provide specific instances?

With the USCCB intent on fighting the HHS mandate, most bishops have been very active on the subject. I won’t mention anyone specific and I’m not trying to bash them, but it just seems like some have come out with a letter to their diocese at the start, and then dropped the issue like it wasn’t important. It’s kind of like they’re not doing enough to promote our religious freedom. My greatest concern with the HHS mandate is our religious freedom and ultimately it comes down to the Magesterium’s stance on contraception. I hope this makes sense. I’m not trying to put anyone down. I truly love the Catholic church and the divisions in it break my heart.

Yet you do fault them. What would you have them do so that it would make you feel as if they were doing enough?

Why are you attacking me? I have merely asked how I can help make the church better and you are blaming me and saying I’m attacking the bishops! I want to do my part to help the church and to stand up for her. That’s all I’d like to see my bishop doing more. Why is this so wrong??

I think your concern about this topic, and willingness to take action, are to be commended. Perhaps you could ask your priest for the names of diocesan staff or offices which might be concerned with this topic. Then contact them with an offer to help organize other individuals and parishes.

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