What to do when people spew hatred

I recently received an insulting message on my channel by a person. Typical insults about my beliefs… I checked out their channel, and it’s quite funny how they are insulting other believers saying that “our lives are sad” because “we believe we will be rewarded in the end/want to believe something is not real” when they let their hatred of religion take over their life. Literally every comment on his channel is him insulting religious people, and one about someone overweight. Clearly you can tell he does not know a thing about what he ‘claims’ about us. He thinks God sends people to hell. When in reality people send themselves. He gave us a choice.

I don’t want to deal with this person. Is this wrong? I have nothing against Atheists in general, one of my best friends is. And I enjoy seeing them on here as well. I just don’t want to deal with this person,

I sent back to this person that my proof is my experiences not just because I have been told what to believe. I sought after answers, and I am recieving them.

I am not even properly ready for apologetics and what not, and feel ‘guilty’ for not evangelizing. Is it wrong that I just blocked this person? Judging by what I saw on their channel I could sit their all day and they probably would keep at it.

Pleas pray for this person as well. They seem very bitter. They accuse others of spewing hatred when all I saw was bitterness, and saying how if God did exist he would just say a big bad word at him. Please pray for them.

Yours seems to be a most sensible approach!

The person sounds like a troll, so don’t engage with them unless they happen to show a genuine interest in why you believe what you do, in which case you can offer them the truth in gentleness.

Praying for them is a splendid idea. :slight_smile:

No it is not wrong to block this person.

If your gift is not in this sort of evangelization then please do not feel that you should undertake it. In short…Blocking this person is just fine.

Also your assessment is probably quite right. So long as they are so gripped by evil and the desire to lash out like this, there is nothing you would be able to say that would make a dent. About the best one can do in this kind of situation is to simply allow them to verbally beat against you while you remain calm and charitable. Eventually such people run out of steam, or become frustrated at being unable to either make you run or to “get a rise” out of you. At best, they might come away with a grudging respect for the strength of your conviction.
Unfortunately though…This is very difficult to do in print - on social media etc. Also one has to take into account whether one’s own spirituality might be adversely effected and to protect against this.

Sorry to drone on here…but like most things there are a number of factors to consider and what is a good answer for one person or given situation, might not be the right answer for another.


Reiterated for truth.

People like this are not seeking discourse, logical discussion, understanding or Truth. All they care about is spewing hatred towards others, and nothing you can say or do will change that. Block them and pray for them, that’s really all that can be done. Hopefully, with time, they will see how misguided they have been and repent.

It has taken me awhile and with prayer and that tiny little voice the following occured to me.

“It is ok to stay away from those who spew hatred”.

For the longest time I thought I had to stand toe to toe with anyone who was spewing haterd otherwise I was not a good, moral, human being. WOW was I wrong.

If you decide to block the person you write about it will be freeing experience. Pray for them and move on.


These kinds of things remind me of the time Jesus sent the Apostles out on mission telling them to enter each town and proclaim the good news. If the town received them all well and good, but if the town rejected them they were to leave, shaking the dust from their sandals.

If you live your life and proclaim the good news of faith…and another reject you…there is no sin in simply walking away and shaking the dust from your feet.


Rejoice and be glad. Also love and pray for them. NEVER EVER fight back. This isn’t about winning an argument; it’s about answering Jesus’s call to love our enemies.

How wonderful to read this, and Thank you for telling ME this story too.

This Gospel reading struck a similar chord with me at Holy Mass today, too. Those who spew hatred aren’t interested in dialogue, much less truth. Better to share the precious “pearl of great price” with those who are seeking it.

Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you,
leave there and shake the dust off your feet
in testimony against them.”


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