What to do while waiting for retrouvaille?



My husband has agreed to go to retrouvaille , but it is not in our area for almost 5 months .I am thrilled we are going but not sure how to wait that long. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for what we can do to strengthen our marriage in the meantime while we wait. We are going through an awful time and 5 months to wait for things to get better seems like forever.


Congratulations to you and dh for making a decision to seek help and healing for your marriage.:thumbsup: My husband and I attended a Retrouvaille weekend in late February this year and it was awesome. We were able to reconnect that weekend in a way that we never thought was possible and we learned how to effectively communicate our feelings to each other.:hug1: Most of all, it gave us a time start healing and forgive all of the hurt that we had experienced. Just try to avoid conflict between now and then and love each other the way that God intends. My prayers are with you and your husband.


**Whatever problems you are having you obviously both want to make them better if you will be attending a Retrouvaille weekend. Can you call some sort of truce until then? Sometimes just agreeing to put a problem “on hold” for awhile (if that is possible) can do wonders for reducing the stress in a marriage.

For example, if you are doing something that is upsetting your husband maybe you could agree to do things “his way” until you get through the weekend?


Been there , did this.

First and Foremost Pray! Go to confession and receive the Eucharist as often as you can.

Read some books about Marriage and divorce prevention.

Divorce Busters.

Greg Popchack’s book (For Better… Forever) and website.


I’ll get some more of the resources from my Retrouvaille experience when I go home from work.

Try to find something to compliment about your spouse everyday. Try to hold back some criticisms and offer them up for your marriage and sanctification.
Start working on some of the things you need to improve about yourself to take the focus off your spouse.

Praying for you .


Nothing is more important than your marriage.

If you can, travel to Retrouvaille, don’t wait for it to come to you.


I agree. If you can arrange it , then do it.


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