What to do with a "bad" book

My mother gave me a history book (The book is Sapiens by Harari) for my birthday (knowing I love history), however the author takes a very anti-god and secular worldview in his writing. So much so that I don’t believe I could give it to anybody to read in good conscience.

My question now is, what should I do with the book? Throw it in the trash?

it might come in handy as a reference some day I would put it in a book case

I agree with the above! Don’t throw it out! I’m sure she bought it in good intent, just keep it around for reference. Plus, if you are versed in your faith enough, feel free to read through it! It might come in handy arguing with atheists!

Concur: don’t pitch it.


If you don’t want it, just get rid of it. No point in keeping something you don’t want. Would you keep a shirt you don’t like just because it was a gift? :shrug:

I found that book very, very interesting, thoughtful, and informative.

It’s not a religious book, true–but that doesn’t mean it’s anti-god.
Where, exactly, do you find it to be anti-god?

The author’s focus and study is on the Cognitive, Agricultural, Political, and Scientific revolutions…these topics don’t necessarily demand a religious viewpoint.

I don’t understand why your conscience would not allow you to pass the book along.
Many others who read history books are not needing a God-angle in each and every one of them.


There’s a big difference between a book and a shirt, though. i imagine reading a shirt would be pretty boring. Apart from the words: “Made in China” (or similar), there’d be very little to read. :shrug:
Garish colours would only make it worse.

Seriously, i have to agree with the posters who say to keep it as a reference.
There’s Jehovah’s Witnesses literature here, along with other assorted stuff, eg The Book of Mormon.

You are missing my point. Why should the OP keep something they don’t want?
Why is a book so special, especially one that the OP says they don’t agree with, and doesn’t want? Why is everyone suggesting it be kept as a reference book?

At the very least, for the same reason that i keep the Jehovah’s Witnesses book: “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth” because it contains their teachings, plus falsehoods and straw man arguments attacking the Church. Same with Mormon leaflets which contradict Scripture. Etc. It’s good to know your opponent in advance so we’re less likely to be bowled over. :shrug:

It can be embarrassing or worse not to be aware of the other side’s point of view.

(given that it was a birthday gift…you might want to wait a bit perhaps if not a danger to anyone there?-- your call)

I rip them up so they are not books - before I throw them out. (for there are those who would find them and read them or sell them…)

One may also use…fire.

If it were me, I would keep it simply because it was a gift from my Mother. :angel1:

Could you donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army? Or even see if your local library will take it. Please don’t throw it in the trash our landfills are filled with junk and I hate to see people throw out things that can be donated.

Stop reading it and leave it alone.

True. If someone threw out of the bible because they didn’t want it, would that be okay? The book can be given away. What is the harm in simply keeping the book and not reading it. Perhaps it could be of good use in the future.

Unless of course it can be given to someone who can use to work against error. (not to just anyone…)

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