What to do with a box of discarded Catholic parts?


I came across a box of discarded Catholic items. Mostly rusted saint medals, chipped statues, broken crucifixes, and snapped rosaries.

What can I do with these things? I feel like throwing them away is bad. But some are in disrepair. What can I do with them? Fix them? Make artwork? Any advice?

If you absolutely feel they can serve no further use , the proper way to dispose of them would be the way which errs on the side of caution. IOW, blessed religious objects should never be just thrown into the garbage. They need to either be buried or burned. If you’re unsure as to whether they are blessed , it’s better to bury (or burn) them.

There are some other interesting alternatives that came up in this CAF thread from 2007 - Properly Disposing of a Blessed , Broken Rosary . Unfortunately the link posted to the couple who needs broken rosaries and repairs rosaries as part of their apostolate no longer appears to be active (post # 13).

Then there’s that post about Mother Angelica (# 16).

God bless.

Well, there are A LOT of objects in this box. I am not going to throw them away, nor am I going to burn them. I’m unsure about burying them.

Isn’t there anything I can do to give them new life? New purpose?

Take the box to the nearest catholic church, tell them you came across it and would like to donate it. When yyou take it, mention a lot if the stuff is need of some TLC or that you feel bad just throwing it out, someone there will know what to do with it or even know how to polish and repair some of the stuff! :slight_smile:

Remember that they are simply tools, don’t fall into the thinking that they are more or as important as what they are intended to lead you to, God…

I’d bury them, at least that’s what I’ve always been taught to do.

Broken statuary can be mended, although this might take time or skill you don’t have. Rosaries that have broken can be reassembled.

By all means, ask your parish if they know someone who can take these items.


Whew! For a moment I thought you meant Catholic parts. Kind of like in this Sunday’s Gospel (long version), “if your right hand causes you to sin…” :eek:

Thanks for making the comment I was going to make. :smiley:

I mean, I could shine up the medals. Possible take the broken crucifixes and glue them together to make new ones. Is it wrong to do that though?

I do repair this kind of stuff. Statues can be glued if it has parts missing and you have them. If not, it is ok. You can get it repainted. For the prayer cards, how damaged are they so I can get an idea on how to give an idea to fix it. Rosaries can be fixed with a couple o-rings. Medals can be shined with brasso. If you have any you don’t want any, I do know a couple of people who could use them.

I just felt really guilty sort of in not knowing what to do with them. These items would be hard to give out, but I’ve thought of restoring and setting them up as a free table at the Church.

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