What to do with already read Catholic periodicals?


I am not sure where to put this question (moderators, please move it if there’s a better place), but I figured I’d get some good suggestions here.

I subscribe to some nice Catholic periodicals and don’t want to throw them away or even put them in the recycling bin after I am done reading them. I know they could go to good use somewhere else. They’re really piling up in my house. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am sure a lot of you subscribe to some Catholic magazines and newspapers. What do you end up doing with them? I don’t want to save them in my house.



Give them to the RCIA class? If you have an old Magnificat or something, they could be used to encourage prayer. If you have a bunch of “this Rock”, someone at your parish could enjoy reading them. Does your parish have a library? Do you know someone who visits the prisons and could pass them out? They truly might get read there. Oh, or I suppose whomever visits the local hospital and the sick could pass them out one day to folks who are bored and need something Catholic to read. Extra rosaries are easy to pass out at the hospital, that’s for sure.

I suppose it depends on what you’ve got and who you know.


Or do what my boyfriend’s mom did…give them to the closest Protestant you can find…that was me:P


Send them to a parish in India, Sth America or Africa. Someone will know the address of a parish that would appreciate them.


you can also ask your local library if they’d like to have them.


Many parishes have some sort of table in the back of the sanctuary or in the vestibule where literature can be left. I routinely recycle Catholic stuff this way. Maybe putting them in a nice, tidy pile with a note that says, “Free. Please take one.”


I list mine on freecyle.org


I get pretty high level Catholic publications and hand them over to my spiritual director who gives them to a seminarian . . . .


Some parishes have a library, maybe you could donate those magazines to them.

All the other suggestions are good too:thumbsup:


Do what the Jehovah’s Witnesses do and stick them in the free ad section of your local grocery store (after taking theirs down first of course)

I have.

The May 2006 Awake is loaded with anti catholic stuff, and 9 times out of 10 they are like that sometimes are worse than others- but the funniest ones usually are at Easter time…

Dispel the myths- get your stuff out there to prove them wrong.


If you know of a prison ministry, you could give them for the inmates who have little good material to read.


Great idea. You could also leave them at a laundromat or at a meeting place for Seniors.


i collect them for CCD for use in collages, scrapbooks, posters and other class projects. I also go thru them first ripping out pictures, especially full page, that illustrate saints, sacraments, Church places, events and people etc. to save and file. I use them a lot for old-fashioned “visual aids” such as flash cards, posters, felt board etc. to use in class.


I just thought of something! How about leaving them in waiting rooms, dentist office, doctors office, oil change while you wait places, and best of all abortion clinics! I know they will toss em out - but who knows? Maybe a woman will read it while she is waiting before they see it. Worth the try.


I forgot to add retirement homes. The elderly are often overlooked.:frowning:


You could bring them to the Catholic Charities or the Catholic nursing homes the old people would love to read them. Nancy


I realize this is a two year old thread but I wanted to add that we can send our periodicals to soldiers overseas. Contact the Archdiocese for the Military .


Thanks Seatuck. This thread was started by me and I wondered how someone found it after two years!


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