What to do with Bibles I will no longer use?

When I first became Catholic I purchased a NAB study Bible and a short while later I purchased a St. Joseph edition NAB, which I’m ashamed to say is still in pretty pristine shape. To be fair, it’s easy to use the Laudate app and rely less on the paper Bible, but all the same, I probably should have gotten better use out of them both. In any case, I’ve since purchased an Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE) and a Revised New Jerusalem Bible. I prefer those two translations over the NAB. What does one do with Bibles that aren’t being used any more? I wouldn’t feel right selling them, although the St. Joseph one is faux-leather bound and still has the box it was sold in, and giving them to someplace like Goodwill seems iffy. The foyer/lobby area of my own parish is being remodeled and doesn’t seem an appropriate place to just leave Bibles and with COVID I’m pretty sure other parishes would frown on someone leaving two Bibles with “Free” signs on them. What to do?

Why not just hold onto it until you can leave it out in the church foyer for someone to take? You can also see if your parish would like to use it (for example, if it does Bible studies, it would be nice to have a bible to someone to borrow during it in case they forgot theirs).


Good answers both. Thanks!

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A third alternative is to ask a visiting missionary if he has a use for them and if he’d like to take them with him or for you to mail them.

Our parish collects religious items to send to our “Sister Parish” in a poor country. Each summer a large group flies to that parish, traveling as “bare bones” as possible and divvying up as much of our donated stash (plus new items) as possible.

However, your priest likely knows of families or converts who might love to home your treasures. It’s kind of you to think of others! Keep the faith! :innocent:

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