What to do with broken St. Joseph figure?


It is part of a Nativity set. What should I do with it? Can I glue it back together? It has not been blessed.


Glue it or throw it away, it is just a statue.


Hi Zenkai,

I would try and repair it if you could.

If he isn’t able to be fixed, some places that sell Nativities may have extra pieces in stock for sale and you may be able to get a replacement that way, if you want or need to do that


I’d say just keep it you never know if you might need it, and i’m going to assume your not the type to sell it on ebay as “slightly used”


You can either glue it back together or throw the broken pieces out. There is nothing sacrilegious about doing that. Its just a statue.


I also have a broken St. Joseph statue. :slight_smile: I’ve had it since I was a kid (and it has been broken for almost as long). We glued it back together. Good as new. :slight_smile: It sits on my nightstand.


My statue of Mary has her fingers broken in half on the left hand. Could not find them to glue them back on. She still stands on my prayer table where she has stood for most of my life. Have never found a statue that touches me as this one does. Ave Maria


Thank you for the replies. :slight_smile:

I will glue it back together.


Did I not say it?

St. Joseph is constantly getting his hand chopped off. It’s because in a lot of nativity sets he’s stretching his hand out with his staff. It’s so easy for it to get broken. Mary is normally in a porcupine-position on the ground, kneeling before the infant, so she’s more impervious to 5-year-old nephews.


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