What to do with excess religious goods


I’ve just found a huge box filled with prayer cards, rosaries, medals and religious photos. Needless to say, there is much more in there than I could ever make use of. What should I do with these objects?

Some items aren’t in very good condition and I don’t know which are blessed and which are not. From what I understand, rosaries and medals are usually blessed so they should either be burned or buried (although medals don’t burn right?). As for prayer cards and photos, can they be thrown out?


Why don’t you take them to the back of your church and leave them for the use of others? Or contact your parish and see if they can use them for Religious Ed?


I might have to take them to two different churches… there’s so much stuff! I hope the religious goods store downtown doesn’t go out of business because of me. LOL! While I’m there, I should drop off one of my NFP books and pamphlets that I’m no longer using. Who knows? It just might inspire someone. God knows I need to work on my pack-rat tendencies…


It’s a good idea to get your pastor’s permission before leaving stuff in the back of church. Many pastors forbid it (or frown on it or consider it a thorn in their side), because they consider it their responsibility to ensure the orthodoxy of materials made available in their churches. A lot of people leave heterodox books, superstitious novenas, etc. in church, and people assume that if something is available in the church then it has the pastor’s approval.


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