What to do with old rosaries, mass cards, etc


My grandma passed away and we are cleaning up her things. There are a whole bunch of things like palms, mass cards, old rosaries, etc. that we don’t want to keep. Is there a special way we should discard of these goods? We are keeping some of the rosaries (1 for each family member she was close to), but we don’t want all of them or all of the other stuff.


In my Parish, people leave them into the Repository - particularly if they have been blessed. The Repository does not sell them, they are not allowed to but I'm sure they wouldn't anyway. They ask people if they want them as a gift if they come in to buy something.

They also have Trocaire sales in my Parish - a charity that helps people throughout the world. People donate items such as the one's you mention. I'm sure your Parish has some equivalent.


Thanks. I'll bring them to the local church.


I put rosaries donated in the chapel for chapel use. that way they dont get tossed, but still serve their holy purpose.


It might be a little bit of a hassle, but you could give them to homeless people.


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