What to do with Rosary?

I received a rosary today in the mail (with a request for a donation). I don’t mind getting the requests but I don’t like when people send me sacramentals I won’t use. We have plenty of rosaries already (and I prefer the more traditional ones–this one has 3 medals of JPII).

I usually take extras of these to leave in our chapel, but I am uncomfortable with this one. I go to Mass on post so our chapel is used by all denominations. With the misunderstandings that abound about praying the rosary and the intercessory prayer, I am afraid that leaving this could send the wrong message to a non-Catholic who sees it.

Do you have any suggestions?

hum… can you remove the JPII medals? That is your concern, correct? or would it look tacky?

Do you have any Catholic buddies in the service who would want a rosary? Maybe you could give it to one of them.

Give it to a CCD teacher.

Can you mail it to your home parish? Maybe they could put it in their chapel. :thumbsup:

I think you can leave the rosary at the church so someone need it can have it.

I think there’s an organization that collects rosaries, religious books, and other materials for distribution to Catholics in prison. Perhaps you can donate the rosary to them.

You could have it blessed and bury it on your property, if all else fails :wink:

Thanks for the great ideas. Sometimes the answer is right in front of my face and I just need someone to point it out.:wink:

Thank YOU for your service. :thumbsup:

The problem is that the church is not exclusively Catholic. It is a military chapel that also has Protestant services. The OP is concerned that Protestants might get the wrong idea if a rosary is left there, causing potential scandal.

Could you speak to your priest and ask him if he knows anyone who could use it?

You can give to the CCD classes so the teachers can teach children how to pray Rosary. God blessed you.

Would there be any CCD classes on a military base?

There are CCD classes on military bases. Kids in military families need them too.

People always need extra Rosaries! I have one for the car, one for this room, one for that… :smiley:

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