What to do with spare McDonald gift cards?


I have a large amount of $5 McDonald gift cards that I won’t ever use since I don’t eat at McDonald. I thought about buying McDonald foods for the homeless people but I don’t think I should be feeding people such unhealthy, “poisonous” foods. Eating McDonald food give me a stomachache and I heard a lot of people have food poison from eating at McDonald too. The thick stack of gift cards have been sitting in my drawer for years cause it would be a waste to throw them away but I don’t think anyone want McDonald either.


You think it’s better for people to go hungry than to eat McDonald’s? :thinking:

Honestly, it might even be more likely someone will get sick from eating a contaminated salad (and there are a lot of stories in the news about produce recalls lately) than they are from a burger and fries.


Check the expiration dates and give out the good ones. Many people like McDonalds and don’t get sick from eating it. But as Denise said, you would rather give them nothing and have them be hungry than give them the cards? That doesn’t make sense.


Those who are hungry don’t really care what they eat. Many times during Lent I found biscuits to be divine when dinner rolled around.

Pun definitely intended.


McDonald’s has made some improvements in ingredient quality over the years. If you have schoolage children you could also give them as gifts to your child’s teacher. Teacher’s lunch breaks are tiny, usually less than 30 minutes. On days when they didn’t pack a lunch, the place they go has to be closeby and fast. The coffee isn’t too bad either.

Anyway homeless people are in greater need, but it’s an idea.


Just wondering
The McDonald in your area…does it have healthy options?
In my area there is healthy chicken salad, etc.


I heard that the salads were less healthy than the burgers.


Besides, I don’t think orange juice is all that unhealthy. Nor is an egg mcmuffin is you remove the ham slice, and really that isn’t that bad either. I think a lot of the “haters” of Mickey D’s are just parroting others or reading of an isolated incident and applied it as a general condition.

Disclaimer, I own no McDonald’s stock or have any vested interest in the company.:wink:


Should I give the homeless the gift card directly or should I use the gift card to buy food and give them food?
If a homeless person refuse food, does that mean he is not really in need? I have a few homeless persons refused food before, so that why I don’t think they would want crappy McDonald foods.


Make sure they are not expired and give them to your local Food Pantry, Women’s Shelter, etc.


Please stop saying that. It really undermines your giving in my eyes. It makes it sound like you are giving the cards away because you wouldn’t want to eat the food yourself.

Just give them to a shelter and there will be no problem for you to handle.


Same here, for the healthy menu options.

They offer fruit juices and smoothies to drink.

You can also get just a plain coffee to drink if you want that, or some plain milk to drink, too.

They also have oatmeal on their breakfast menu, for example.


Actually, the bread in an egg McMuffin is probably the worst part. Ham is pretty lean, it’s a protein source. The egg is poached.

If McDonald’s turned it into a whole grain bun, it would be a better meal. It isn’t too bad as it is.


You’d be surprised. It’s actually one of their healthier choices for a breakfast sandwich, compared to the others on the menu, for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s lower in carbs and calories than some of the other choices.


I am not going to be concerned with whether the food is healthy or not. I am not going to be concerned with whether the clothing I donate to charity is still fashionable.

When someone is hungry, I think they will eat McDonald’s. If they have no clothes, they will wear what they receive until they can get something better.


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