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I have a problem with something in school. I found that I have a grade that might be 3 points lower than what is posted as my official grade? Should I bring this to the attention of the professor? I may have changed the answer on the scantron without changing it on the question sheet. Also there might have been some other reason for this. Would it be wrong/a sin to not mention this?


I do not believe it to be a sin not to mention a possible scantron grading error. The grade affects you, and ultimately you determine what your grade is. Hrm, three points. I would recommend ignoring it, but if three points is more than it sounds, I see no reason to not bring it up. Of course, if you have questions regarding how your grade is determined, you have every right to inquire. If it were me, and if the points did not matter, it would simply not exercise the right.:shrug:


Your conscience is speaking to you. Truth is always the better road to follow, although often the one least traveled. Seek truth in all that you do, and expound it to others; whoever will listen.

May God’s blessing be upon you.


G’day DianaS
If it is worring you, ask. The truth does set us free though we may not think so. May God give you peace in your decision cheers geoff


Every teacher I’ve ever had from grade school (Catholic) to high school (Catholic) to college (secular) has said not to bring it up.

Why? Because you’ll arbitrarily get screwed in the future.


Integrity is what you do when nobody is looking.

I agree with the poster who indicated that your conscience is calling to you. It isn’t a matter of whether it is a “small thing” or a big thing. He who is honest in the small things can be trusted with the big things; he who isn’t honest in the small things can’t be trusted with the big things.

You may indeed get “screwed over” in some way. Doing the right thing often has that effect and can leave us feeling that “no good deed will go unpunished.” If we want to be true to ourselves though, and the self that God wants us to be, we have to be willing to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.

A closing quote from Mother Teresa: “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

I think you already knew the answer in your heart though when you asked the question. :slight_smile:



Maybe there was a 3 point curve that your teacher has not mentioned. We often try not to mention curves because we don’t want the students to know of our generosity and come to expect it.


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