What to do?


I frequently receive through the mail, prayer cards, medals, elven an occasional rosary. All uninvited and usually asking for money. What should I do with these religious articles?
How can I dispose of them?


just throw them away in the trash or fireplace it’s just junk mail.


You could give them away…I know the volunteer group at my church,Legion of Mary would probably welcome them b/c they visit people in nursing homes and hospitals and they give them rosaries and prayer cards…


I take them to church for “anyone” to take home. We have a table in back of church for this type of stuff.

I do not take the donation literature which comes with the unsolicited items unless it is for Mass folders (I cut out my return address on the return form for these so that they will write their own name in when they make a donation).

I email the “senders” and ask them to please take me off their mailing lists. It helps, but the Catholic charities keep sharing donor lists with each other so I end up doing it more than once.


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