What to do?


My gym teacher downloaded a ilegal copy of insanity. Insanity is a program, a site with videos i believe. Videos there are about how to train to have some effective results on your body. So our gym teacher wants us to train according to this video every week in school. The problem is that he downloaded a ilegal copy of this video/s that originally costs more than 100 euros. Am i obligated to withhold from such training? Because if i would withhold, that would have bad consequences.


I’ve always felt that there’s nothing proprietary about exercise programs. Sure, it’s illegal, but ask yourself: Are the people who make these exercise videos really offering you anything that the average athlete wouldn’t know? Do they have some intimate grasp of nutrition and human biology? Of course not. They have little to no expertise and are just trying to make easy money. I wouldn’t feel too guilty if I were you.


a) This is your opinion.
b) This answer is no way conforms to Catholic teaching, which is what the OP is interested in.

OP needs to consider the source of this advice is an atheist. The OP is a Catholic seeking to live in holiness and in conformity with the Law of God.


I am unfamiliar with copyright law in the EU, and your country in particular.

If your country honors copyright and the copyright holder’s right to compensation, you are correct that this is illegal. It is also immoral to cheat someone of their rightful compensation.

There may be laws regarding educational use of such materials. There are also services that institutions can subscribe to that allows them use of materials. It does not sound like your teacher complied with these types of laws or programs, but you do not know that for certain.

You, as a minor in a compulsory class, are not morally obligated to withhold from participating. You have no control over how your teacher obtained the materials he is using for class.

You could, if you felt the need, suggest to the principal of the school that the school should strive to set a good example for students by legally purchasing videos and asking for permission to use them in a class instead of downloading them illegally. However, be sure of your facts before you make such an accusation.


In general, anytime someone asks a question of the form “What should I do about X?”, the answer will be an opinion. So thanks for affirming the obvious.

b) This answer is no way conforms to Catholic teaching, which is what the OP is interested in.

The OP also didn’t appear interested in the legalities. The OP mentioned that this is illegal, so he/she doesn’t need you to reaffirm it.


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