What to get my grandpa for Christmas!?

My family always does a gift exchange. At Thanksgiving we pick names out of a hat and that is who you get your present for. This year I got my grandfather, probably the hardest one to get a good present for. He is in his late 70’s - early 80’s, fairly healthy, aside from some trouble in his knees. He is a native of Slovenia, and still communicates back home as often as possible. Lately, he has been growing more and more fond of the computer, the Internet, and emailing. I wanted to get him something tech-ish, something that all of his grandkids might be able to help him use. Any suggestions? I am also open to any other (not tech related) suggestions as well…

A digital camera

How about a webcam? My mom just got one (she’s 73) and now she can communicate with her grandkids and actually see them on her computer wherever they may be.

home made potica (can’t do the diacritical mark) hope some Slovenian friends back in Cleveland fed ex some to me. our great grandma (Irish) loves her new photo printer, since the kids send pix via email rather than prints any more, now she has what she craves, photo prints.

Tech-ish? :stuck_out_tongue:


All the tech-ish gadgets you could ever want. ^^ And some other random funny things, too… like the plush Microbes. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if your grandpa has a sense of humor, but he might appreciate getting Herpes or Rabies from you. :smiley:

If he calls Slovenia frequently, can you buy him and international calling card? —KCT

We have bought my grandpa shaving cream and razors for the past 4 years, and he says he likes it but who wants the same gift every year? He’s the handy man but my parents have already bought him all the tools he could use. Does anyone have any suggestions?

What about movie tickets or something like that?
You could take him out on a “date” and out to dinner or something?

Fun stuff like that is a great way to spend TIME together… and you can treasure those memories for years to come.

I miss my grandpa. :frowning:

He plays cards, likes to read, restores old instruments. He used to be quite active, until this year when he lost his leg. Now he just likes to be comfortable, and hang around the house. WHAT do you get a guy that has lived this many years? I need some cool ideas, so I can get him a gift that he will really enjoy. I’m only allowed to spend. $50 bucks.

My Grandma is 85 and my Grandpa is 91, and they are sooo cool… I want to get them something other than a health dvd or more pajamas… any ideas?!

Seems he likes music? How about tickets to a concert or play, you and he and you grandma can go out for dinner and to hear an orchestra or a jazz band?

Do you like to spend Christmas with your family, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, step mothers, step fathers, godmothers, godfathers, friends, and so on…

Thanks for your all replies.

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