What to make of faith and reason regarding the Trinity

The Church teaches that we should live by reason as well as faith. We shouldn’t accept things just on faith alone.

It is widely accepted by the church leaders over the years that the Trinity is not something that can be understood by reason. It is a matter of faith.

Isn’t this a contradiction? The church teaches that we should use reason along with basing our faith beliefs…but then they also say that trying to use reason to figure out the Trinity won’t work.Just believe.

What makes the “unreasonable” Trinity dogma different than any other religion that we refuse to believe due to “unreasonable” dogmas they may have?

If the teaching on the Trinity was the only teaching, this might be a contradiction. Given that the Trinity is only one teaching among many, and God is a being far greater than any human, and human understanding (reason) is limited, it is reasonable that there are things about God that can only be known through revelation.

To me this means that reason can only take us so far in learning the truth. Revelation is available to us to gained understanding of those things that beyond our power of reasoning.

The doctrine of the Most Holy Trintiy is not unreasonable. Instead it is beyond full comprehension in our current state.

To illustrate: Does not Scripture teach us that man and wife become “one flesh”? (Mark 10.8) If two humans can make up “one flesh,” is it unreasonable to accept that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit make up one God? Does not God’s existence and being transcend that of humans? Of course it does! If the “one flesh” of Matrimony is made up of two separate human persons, why is it unreasonable that the one superior God is made up of three separate divine Persons?

Do you see? It is not beyond reason. We all accept the “two shall become one flesh” paradigm of marriage. We may not be able to understand it fully, but we Catholics do believe it. Can we not then reasonably assume that a greater being will be superior to any state humans can enter into and thus be Three-in-One to our earthly two-in-one?

That is using reason. What evades us is fully comprehending it. It is reasonable, but mysterious as there is nothing quite like it in our present human experience.

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Jews, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others do not accept the Trinity.

That’s why they won’t be uniting with the Holy Trinity when they die!

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