What to read after the Bible and the Catechism?

Hey im almost 16 and i’ve read through the whole Bible and really enjoyed it and decided to read the whole Catholic Catechism and i did that too. Now i’m wondering what to read next. I was thinking maybe a book by a Saint or somthing like that. I enjoy learning about the Catholic Church and its history and i also would like to learn more apolagetic information because i always have to defend the Catholic Faith at school. I was also thinking maybe a book about how to sacrifice by a Saint.
Any Suggestions ?

The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith by John Salza

God bless :byzsoc:


I admire you, you are a brave man.
I will suggest some, but these are my personal preferences.
As your age likes action and you are a boy, I would say:
*]St. Francis Xavier;
*]St Francis of Assisi
*]Mother Theresa of Culcatta
*]John Paul II
*]Thomas Moore
*]Vincent of Paul
*]John of God
*]Vincent de Paul
*]Vietnamese Martyrs
*]Nagasaki Martyrs
*]Martyrs of Uganda
*]Las but not least, the great St. Paul

Besides, as you finished reading the Bible, it would be most appropriate for you to read the History of the Church (Catholic) (HCC). It makes a very good reading and it gives you a very good culture.

Besides, as you read the HCC, you will see that only God could maintain the Church, through the ordeals and sins and persecutions and problems, for 2000 years, you will learn that the Church must be Divine, otherwise no Human Structure would survive for so long a time under a Pope. I foretell one episode of the Middle Ages where there were 3 Popes, and all of them were saying that they were the right Pope , can you believe?

Thanks to God that God was under it all…

There’s very little action, but The Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux just melts me.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis is a classic for Catholics. It’s perhaps more meditative/contemplative than you are looking for but is definitely worth a read. Other good reads are papal encyclicals - I have a copy of Caritas In Veritate and it’s wonderful.

If you’re looking for apologetics, CA has done the work for you. :thumbsup: This is an article Apologist’s Bookshelf and it gives an absolutely huge list of good apologetics books.

Read: “The Crucified Rabbi” by Taylor Marshall.

These are all excellent suggestions.

Also, I would add the maxims and sayings of St. Philip of Neri, which you can find at the link below. There’s a quote for every day of the year:



Theology of the Body

As well as Confessions of St. Augustine, and the works of Thomas Aquinas, it’s a long book but it’s so cosmic, he gives scientific proofs for God which are amazing. I have more but these are a good start for sure.

All great suggestions so far.
In so far as apologetic materials are concerned, you might want to look at some of Scott Hahn’s books . Very readable.

From a standpoint of putting together a spirituality and growing in holiness, get the book shown in my signature. A great introduction to some of the great Doctors of the Church and also a great guideline for building a spiritual life.


Wow thank you everyone for the great suggestions these all sound great i have to decide but i should make me a list. Its great to see that theirs so many Catholics who care and are helping others sometimes i feel alone in my Faith when im at an american public school ha but everytime i see the Church and all my fellow Catholics i feel at home.

You are certainly not alone. You would be surprised about the number of Christian brothers and sisters. I know I am. If you have time a great way to be with Catholics your age is to go to pro-life events, and seminars.

Well, anything you read at this stage should have the Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur to ensure it is free of doctrinal or moral error.

I highly recommend the three volume series “Faith of the Early Fathers” (selected and translated) by William A Jurgens. As one bishop said, “To know Church history is to become Catholic.” The first volume particularly shows how the Catholic teachings and doctrine have been consistent from the earliest days of the Church by presenting translations of early christian writers.

“Catholicism and Fundamentalism” Keating. Really good at helping you understand criticisms of the Catholic Church and responses to them.

Although it doesn’t have a Nihil Obsta and Impimatur
“Surprised by Truth” Patrick Madrid, is a good read. It is the story of various protestant ministers and their conversion to Catholicism.

If you have read through the WHOLE Bible and the WHOLE Catechism and you are only 16 years old, I would first say, Congratulations!

Second, I would suggest you reread both of them, more slowly, and on a regular basis - especially the Bible. You can never come to the end of finding new nuggets of Wisdom in the Scriptures. :thumbsup:

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis This is a GREAT book that you SHOULD read if you will be attempting any apologetics. I can assure you that any Protestant you meet up with who is trying to convert you to Protestantism WILL be familiar with this book. Why not surprise them and be an expert on it, too?

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (Yes, it’s usually read by Protestants, but as a former Protestant-now-Catholic, I think the book has even more meaning to Catholics because it presents our Christianity as a journey rather than a one-time conversion/free ticket to heaven experience.)

I’ll second The Imitation of Christ. Apparently it’s been a best-seller among Christians, including Protestant Christians, for centuries, and only recently has it fallen out of favor among Protestants.

I also asked a man i know at a local Marian Shrine what he would reccomend and he said the Imatation of Christ all the way so thats 3 people so far so i am going t order it off of amazon. After that i looked at the Confessions of St. Augustine and i liked it so i will read that next. What is the book that “nedeparis 88” mentioned about St. Thomas Aquianas ive always been interested in him but i couldnt find what he was talking about and where can i find the HCC that “pfaffen” was talking about. Finally im gonna start the Maxims of St. Philip Neri i like those since their daily and im looking forward to after Imatation and St. Augustine to read maybe Crucified Rabbi or the C.S Lewis Books. Apologetic wise im gonna stick to Scott Han ive heard a few of his audio tapes.

Ok Well Thanks Everyone
God Bess !!!
Pray for me.

Wow! Impressive, especially at your age! This will take a person like you about a “half hour or so” but the book that helped me the most with my relationship with Christ is “Confidence in God” by Daniel Considine. I have the original version, but it’s been revised and not very hard to find, but the old version is. The new one is about as good any way, just with updated language. Anyway, that’s one of my all time favorites “next to the Bible”.

On your reading level, there’s tons of great resources available. I would also recommend writings of the early church fathers and the Didache.

Bless you on your journey with our Lord!

For good apolgetics works I would get all three volumes of Radio Replies. They answer just about every question under the sun.

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