What to say/do?


I plan on giving an aquaintance a copy of “Pillar of Fire Pillar of Truth”. She is the sister of a good friend of my sister and we run into each other at kids bday parties and such. She has converted to some protestant religion, not really sure which, but now she’s on a mission to “save” all those “poor” Catholics in her family, including her parents and it seems she succeeded with some family members already, they are too weak or lazy to learn about the Faith before falling for what she has to say.

The other day she tried to talk to my sister and I about the “truth” and how many priests don’t tell the truth because everything they teach is not “biblical” etc. I was praying, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance before I opened my mouth, and I asked that if nothing good was going to come out of me opening my mouth to get me out of the situation. At that moment the bounce house was to be taken down and my son and her son would not get out so we had to get up and get them out and that was the end of that.

I still feel like I should do something though, they have a huge misunderstanding and misconception of the Church, they left something they never really knew or took the time to learn about, I find that sad.

Do you think this booklet would be helpful? If it’s true that she’s looking for the “truth” and is “open” would this be the direction to go? Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated.


You may “corner her” in a friendly way by inviting her for coffee or something and then say something like, “I understand that you have left the Catholic faith. Can you tell me why you would do that?” Then as she makes her case, stop her on each point and refute them. Point out each time that whoever taught her that are the ones whose veracity she should be questioning because what she has believed is not true.

I strongly suggest that you take with you printouts of any articles that you think will be relevant. You might also copy download and burn copies of relevant Bible studies from the Bible Christian Society as well.

I also suggest that you sit down and prepare your own personal testimony of why you are a Catholic. That is irrefutable because it is your own experience. (CAF Testimony) :slight_smile:


She’s going to have to offer some specific complaints against the Catholic Church so you can tailor your answers. Speaking of these situations, I’ve heard Tim Staples say that you have to ‘scratch where it itches.’ Find out their specific objections, or find out what this lady emphasizes when trying to pull Catholics out of the Church, and then give your responses from there.



The booklet would be very useful and if I may suggest another get a copy of “The Papacy” published by Catholic Answers. “The Papacy” is part of Catholic Answers Catholic Century Learning Series.

The Catholic Century Learning Series explores major truths of the faith in workbook format. It will definately help you answer those questions and statements your non-Catholic aquaintances pose to you.



I second what CM says about John Martignoni’s Bible studies, which are available for FREE from the Bible Christian Society’s website. He covers just about every objection you could imagine, so if you find out some specific areas of Church teaching to which this lady objects, you could offer her copies of talks that address those areas. Too, you could use the papers in the Catholic Answers apologetics library, as they’re written to address single topics, as well.


My opinion? Simply approaching this woman with a pamphlet probably isn’t going to get you very far. If she has good intentions of saving Catholics, meet her where she is, so to speak; afford her the opportunity to “save” you. It doesn’t much matter how you start the dialogue, just get one started. For now, I would tuck the pamphlet away. It’s too impersonal, in all liklihood, for someone on a misison like she is. Let her know that you are interested in what she has to say about the Catholic faith.

This will give you the benefit of hearing from her first hand what she doesn’t understand about Catholicism. Don’t be worried about not having answers… Make sure she understands that this dialogue will take time. It won’t play out over one conversation. If she presents a teaching you can’t defend or fully explain, make a note, do your homework, and give her the answers when you have them.

Above all, don’t forget to pray for her! Consecrate your efforts to Our Lady. You’ll do fine. :slight_smile:


I love this idea!

Lexee, if you decide to go this route, don’t feel as though you have to answer every objection on the spot. John Martignoni recommends that if you don’t know how to answer a specific objection, say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back to you.”




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