What to say to my dad who has lost “faith” that prayer is helpful?

My dad recently made a comment about my Godmother who is verry religious and stated something to the effect of “look at all the praying to God she does and it hasn’t helped her with anything”.

My dad is a bit negative because of the financial situation he is in.
The world has changed and he’s finding he is not able to sell the things he used to because people now find it old fashioned and the market is over saturated etc.

I am trying to help his financial situation but I am only one woman/daughter and there are never enough hours in the day for everything.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can say that could make my dad be more positive about God and religion?

If I was to state something like God is more concerned about our souls and values etc than temporary things I think it will just come across as like an insult to him.

Do you know what she is praying for? maybe her prayer is for things other than financial relief… in any case God grants us what He wills, as much as He wills and when He wills…

Did it help her to accept situation she is in?
Maybe tell him praying will not solve his financial issue, but it will help him accept, calm down and then maybe he will solve his financial issues himself.

I found that I was praying for things to go as I thought they should, like praying that my son would get a certain job he had applied for. Well, after many situations not coming to fruition, I then prayed for whatever God thought would be best for my son. In that case it was peace during the next interview, and if he doesn’t get it than that wasn’t what God wanted for him. When I spoke to him after the interview he said he was so calm it was great. He was accepted, and is now in AF pilot training, a much better position than the first job I was praying for. So, after a long explanation, I realized that we need to ask God for what He sees is best, not what we think is best. I have found that praying for calmness, and peace have been much more successful than praying for things.


Your dad is hurting right now.
(He also needs to find work selling things people want to buy. Sometimes society just moves on, no one is to blame).

He’s probably coming from a place of hurt and fear when he says this.

In this moment, I would either say nothing at all, and offered empathy to him, or I’d say something short and sweet like “maybe Auntie finds that praying helps her, rather than just about getting stuff.”

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I think her prayers are probably more about spiritual things.
It is hard to say this thought to a person when they have financial struggles.

It can be very hard sometimes to trust God though (speaking from personal experience!).

This is perhaps a stupid question but what’s the difference between joy and happiness?
Personally I only know of happiness, the kind that’s dependant on things going “right” in your life.
How does a person even have/find joy?

Thanks @0Scarlett_nidiyilii
I think you are right. The best think I can probably do is just show empathy.


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