What to say to someone who questions the Church's authority?

I apologize for the vagueness of the title, but I really do not know how better to phrase it. I have a friend who seems to hold something like a belief that “people shouldn’t hide their search for God under a dogma they cannot relate to”, or something to that effect. He seems to use this position, which I have not been able to get him to state clearly, as a means of making Catholicism compatible with transhumanism.

I once again apologize for the vagueness of my question, but are there any resources I could show him in order to convince him of the importance of submission to the Church on such matters?


Either he truth is knowable via an authoritative and revelatory source, or it is unknowable.

:slight_smile: Transhumanism is a valid line of thought. According to Google Search: The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Note the key words.
Especially by means of science and technology. Science and technology, according to Transhumanism, does not need to be the only means for us to evolve.

I agree that we human beings can experience evolution, especially of the mind. Our evolution may lead us to being able to enhance our own abilities.

How do we evolve as human beings? Look at Saint Francis’s biography.

He, by the virtue of being connected to God’s infinite power, was able to command the animals, preventing a wolf from continuing to prey upon villagers.

:cool: That’s right! This saint could **control **animals!

Who WOULDN’T want to control animals???

How did he do it?

*]connection to the divine
*]his free-will
*]his faith

How did this crazy man establish a connection to the divine?

*]his free-will

If we human beings would only follow the will of our heavenly father and creator, repelling sin and living the lives of Christ, then our natural abilities, which have been buried by the weeds of sin, will manifest, and we will *further *prove ourselves worthy of ascending to the 2nd and final stage of human existence in Heaven!

It is possible to enhance our own abilities via demonic activity, as shown by the time of Noah, but this route, in the long run, will never, NEVER, ever, EVER be proven to be wise, as evidenced by the flood from God during the time of Noah!!! It is much better to humble ourselves and connect to the benevolent spirits. In the long run, *that *is wiser.

Watch this video for reference. This former-satanist, now a Christian THANK GOD, had the ability to fly around neighborhoods in his sleep, cursing people via Satan’s orders. (he couldn’t come near the neighborhoods where people fervently pray) (evolved human, much?) Even though he had fun, the fruits of evil overwhelmed him, and in time, he realized that the fruits of the spirit are more beneficial to himself and to the state of the Earth in general.

:hypno: WARNING: sensitive material in this video, not for children! youtube.com/watch?v=6l7A4cQHxuY

Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled: The great flood during the time of Noah!
Whoever humbles himself shall be exalted: Noah! The saints! David and Ruth, Jesus Christ! Tim staples!

I agree with transhumanism in the sense where we human beings can evolve, exceeding far beyond our abilities! Science and technology have surely proven themselves, but the best, sure-fire way to evolve ourselves is by prayer, by connecting ourselves to **eternal **desires. :gopray2:

AND how do we connect ourselves to eternal desires? By connecting with the eternal God himself, Jesus Christ. AND what better way to connect with Christ??? By connecting with the CHURCH He founded!

Matthew 16:18 “Peter, you are the rock, and upon this rock I shall build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

Lets see what your friend thinks about THAT!

The LCWR is in hot water (anticipating either global warming or…) for progressing beyond Christ and embracing transhumanism. As to science and technology, I await the cure for the common cold.

Dogma and Church authority will have very little influence over a person who has not “found” God in their own heart, and in their relationships. Such a person needs to come to an experience of Christ within themselves, and within those around him.

After a person encounters the infinite God through His image in our souls, one is more ready to embrace the reality of dogma and authority. Such a person needs to be led to recognize God, when He is present, and when He is acting.

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