What to say when a woman is claiming that she is being called to priesthood?


I’m not sure where to put it but what would you say to a woman who says that she is being called to priesthood (other than simply deny it because it of course isn’t true)?


Ask her why she thinks or believes she is being called to the priesthood.


Begin praying for deliverance because the voice she’s hearing in her head is not God!



Some more explanation would be in order. As it would be if I told you I was being called to motherhood.


Tell her to abandon her heresy and come back to the Church.


No one, man or woman, has a right to be a priest. The Church confers Holy Orders on whomever it will. Feeling called has nothing to do with it, except that the Church may choose to take those feelings into account in deciding whom to ordain. And if the Church chooses not to ordain a person to the priesthood, that is a clear sign from God that that person is not called to be a priest. God doesn’t make it impossible for people to do what He calls them to do.


I agree with Randy. Ask her if she is sure who is calling her.


She needs to change her number so she won’t keep getting these wrong number calls.


Since the Church has stated definitively that women cannot be priests, ask her why she would want to be a priest in a Church that is in error about something it considers to be so fundamental as the priesthood. Who would want to be a priest in a false religion?


Just a random thought: but can a natural hermaphrodite become a priest?

I know it sounds crazy, but Flannery O’Connor (the well known Catholic writer) includes a hermaphrodite in one of her stories that concerns man in the image of God.


Perhaps she’s really being called to the sisterhood, and she’s just a little confused or ill-informed.


My experience with these folks has led me to expect that a lecture is following closely on the heels of the provocative initial lead-in to the women-in-the-priesthood topic.

I like lectures given at universities or online. But those are lectures which I can choose to attend and I do choose to attend because I expect that the lecturer is learned and loving.

In a social situation, I don’t see the role of lectures. I would prefer to be in conservations which account for different points of view.

I would simply say that I am not exactly sure why this woman has chosen me to share this goal with and that I would have to be persuaded of the woman’s conversance with the Gospel of Life before entering any further into the – pause – conversation (with emphasis on the last word). I

Usually that produces a :confused: which allows me to raise one eyebrow, smile, and say “well, there you go” and shuffle off to refill my tea cup and get another nanaimo bar.

Once I simply fell asleep during the lecture. Everyone else was so totally involved in bellowing that they didn’t notice that I was in dreamland.



Once upon a time, I thought I was called to become a fighter pilot. Couldn’t pass the eye exam.

Just because we FEEL a calling to something doesn’t mean we are ENTITLED to be in that vocation.


I wonder how many of us are here on the forums? :slight_smile:


If she is a Roman Catholic, I would assume she knows that women will not be ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in her lifetime. It is just not going to change and will probably be even more strongly prohibited in the future. That being the case, ask her why would a good God call her to a vocation that just does not exist, that of women priest. Is God really that unfair. or is she deceiving herself with wishful thinking? Its akin to my thinking at age 71 that I am called play football in the professional leagues. Fat chance lady!


One small note: if it has never been allowed in 2,000 years, how could it be even more strongly prohibited?

We do not ordain women priests because Christ did not ordain women priests. The Discovery Channel may make a claim for Mary Magdalene as an apostle come Easter, but no one else has ever bought it.


Stay quiet. Make no comments and Pray:gopray2: Pray :gopray: Pray:gopray2: for her.


I like the answer of asking her why she wants to be a priest the best. But if you ask her the question one must be prepared with an answer to her statements.

Answers I have heard are:

  1. Men have all the power
  2. It is a matter of justice to have an equal chance
  3. I just want to serve or I can make a difference
  4. The Church needs the viewpoint of a woman

All these answers are not what determines the priesthood.
It is not a power thing, or something similar to an equal-rights amendment, or viewpoints. Service is something that is called for by our faith, but a vocation is not our choosing when the priesthood is called forth by God.



Amen that the Priesthood is a gift.

Remind her that Doctor of the Church, St Thérèse of Lisieux also yearned to be a Priest but she submitted her will to Holy Mother Church.

Personally, I think that women would make fantastic Priests, they generally have more empathy than us males.

However, it’s not about who would make the “best” Priests. The Blessed Virgin Mary would have been the most wonderful Priest we could possibly have ever had, but Jesus, in His glorious wisdom, didn’t give this gift to her.

If you feel like you need to take the hard line on things - ask her if she thinks she’s better than the Mother of God.



As the others stated the chance that she will be a priest is not possible within the catholic faith. Maybe you are misinterpreting her desire to be closer to god, of which we may all obtain, with that of being an ordained priest.

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