What to Say ?


I am just heart broken about the situation here in Missoui this morning. Most of my co-workers know my stance and reasoning on the Embryonic Stem Cell research and the destruction of human life. I’m going to find it hard to be charitable today.

The only thing I’m able to draw on right now is that our Lord was in the minority as well. I pray that He is with me and all of us today. I know He endured far more hardship than any of us, and He showed us the way. I pray for life lost and for the help of the Holy Spirit.

I think silence with my co-workers today may be my only option.


Pray for the grace to be charitable. No doubt satan will use this opportunity to lead us into sin (wrath, despair, etc.). We are called to bear wrongs patiently- just as Jesus did. Pray as Esther prayed when her people were persecuted.

Please pray in a special way for our bishops, our pastors, and all who have worked so hard, and suffered so much (especially the children) to defeat this amendment.


Silence is probably the best option. Not much we can do now but pray for those who do not understand what they have done.


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