What to think about teachings


I have no problems with perhaps 99% of catholic teaching,
But what if there are just one or two things you just can’t come to grips with ?
And people have tried to explain the the catholic reasoning,
But, you just can’t agree, is it ok to disagree with a couple of things,
If anything, I think it should be ok to be an individual , and have your own opinion.


You assent to and obey the Church, while you continue to pray for understanding.

No. Not if you are talking about doctrines and dogmas.

It is perfectly fine to agree or disagree with opinions put forward by theologians.

Not if your “opinion” is in opposition to the doctrinal truths of the faith, revealed by God and preserved by the Catholic Church.

It is your job to come into conformity with reality, not to remain where you are.


I’m sure that everyone has something they disagree with when it comes to what the Church teaches. My thinking is, if I don’t agree it may just be that I don’t understand all there is to know about that particular teaching. One time my mom, a non-Catholic, asked about what the Church teaches about Mary. Well, my best answer to her was that I don’t understand it all. I could try to explain, but there would still be a lot unsaid. And I’m sure it wouldn’t come close to asnwering her questions. I hope this makes some sense. Sometimes when I try to explain something, it makes it more confusing. :shrug:


Most of the time when people claim they don’t agree, they need to do as much research as they can into the topic. Often, after sufficient education on the subject, one’s thought comes into focus and you will have greater understanding. Many people that have asked me about certain aspects of the faith respond with “oh, I never heard that” or “oh I was taught something else” (which was incorrect) or “I never read that passage correctly, or in that context”.
Education. It’s a good thing. :thumbsup:

Conflicting opinions, and the desire to hold onto an opinion that is contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches is how we got all those breakaway and splinter churches. :shrug:


It depends upon the areas of disagreement. If you disagree on dogma, for instance, there is a problem. Dogma, by definition, must be believed if you are a Catholic. These are things like the virginity of Mary or the doctrine on the Trinity.

I suggest that you speak to your priest. Only he can advise you on the issues you have and whether they form an impediment to faith for you. I will keep you un my prayers.


Doesn’t it depend on the serious nature of your dissent and the attempts you have made to educate yourself on the teachings of the magisterium. It comes down to your conscience in the end. I would find a good spiritual adviser whom you respect and discuss these issues with him. We can all have doubts at times, and many people do find it difficult when their personal situation suddenly is in discord with church teachings, eg finding your son now claims to be a homosexual. Don’t be too hard on yourself remember that Jesus loved Thomas even to the point of personal proof.


You can dislike a teaching it disagree but you are still obligated to obey it and to tell others that is what the Church teaches. You are entitled to personal feelings just don’t let those turn into sin


When we say “Mother Church” we are not just using a warm phrase. When you were a child, did you only listen to your mother when you could adequately understand why you ought to obey? Or did you trust her even when you could not understand perfectly? The Church is not an argument-machine that gives us knowledge of all of God’s truth. Having faith is not the same thing as knowing by rational argument.

Pray over the idea of whether you should trust God’s Church. Think about whether She is a trustworthy source. Think about whether God might want you to have faith in things you cannot fully understand.

God bless,


Yes, it’s okay.
A person can’t force themselves to feel or agree with something they don’t feel or agree with. Unless you want to fake it or pretend you do.
But we’re not robots, we can’t just flip a switch.

What do you mean when you ask if it’s “okay” to disagree?

Will disagreeing send you to hell forever?
I think not.

Will some people tell you that you should not have your own feelings or thoughts on a subject and make you feel bad or uncomfortable about it?



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