What to think of this pact with secularism article?

I don’t know what to make of this pact with secularism article. Has there been a significant rebuttal by anyone?


I think that he is right.
But in the Past, the RCC was accused of the opposite for the Inquisition.
People look for the rCC as a lighthouse. But when the lights shiines strongly, people scream that they are becoming blinded by it…
It is difficult to strike a balance.

I, too, think he’s right, but I’d sure like to read a response–pro or con–from any bishop respected for his orthodoxy, before I adopt the article as the full truth.

Sadly, too much truth in that article to dismiss lightly.

This article has already been posted several times on various threads. That’s okay because I love it and agree with it. And the Catholic Church, via the bureaucracy, is still promoting a statist approach to solving social ills despite earlier papal writings.

Those who seek to create heaven on earth and who, to this end, subvert the liberty of others and embrace the administrative entitlements state will sooner or later become its victims.

No rebuttal of this article is necessary. Echoes of Centesimus Annus here!

Thanks, Tigg. I found the threads. Should be interesting reading.

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