What to to with stuffed animals


I am 17 and have a large amounr of stuffed animals(which have been in my closet for over 5 years), including over 100 beanie babies. I do want to get rid of them, but I don’t want to through them out. Does anyone know where to donate them too.

i am keeping several of them and about 10-20 beanie babies, for now, but I don’t know what to do with the rest.


Does your parish have a St. Vincent De Paul Society? You could contact them. They might have a toy drive at Christmas.


I am not sure, but if they don’t there has to be a parish around here that does, I’ll look into it.:thumbsup:


Landfill. Most charities will not take them. Too hard to disinfect.


i know but there are quite a few that do take them if they are in good condition and i threw out the ones that were deffinately in a bad condition. I read that fire stations and police stations take stuffed animals to give to or help calm down victims who are children.


So why ask us? Get on the phone and start calling potential charities.


You could have someone sell the Beanie Babies on eBay for you, assuming that they are in good shape (since you are not yet 18, you can’t legally use eBay yourself). It would be easiest to list them as a “lot,” selling the whole group at once, or in smaller lots of maybe 10 at a time. Don’t expect to get much for them, but it might be worth a try. Then you could spend the money as you please, either as a donation to the charity of your choice, or for personal expenses. Good luck!


Well I need to find all possibilities, those 2 are the only I’ve found, but i have too many for them to need all of them, plus there are few fires and crimes(that are more then a barking dog) in my area, so it is likely they may not need them.


I looked up beanie babies on ebay, they aren’t selling too well even if they are at .01 cent, my mom might put them up when she can list something for free, since we don’t expect them to sell, we don’t want to pay to try and get rid of them.


you might also look for a charity or organization that works with foster children. Our brownie troop used to collect stuffed animals in good condition to clean and give to those children who were picked up by child protective services, and the social workers would keep a supply on hand to comfort children in these circumstances.


Also, resale and thrift shops for charities DO take them, at least in the midwest. Beanies are fairly easy to clean. I know both our local St. Vincent de Paul thrift shops take them, as does Goodwill.


Have you tried Freecycle?


That’s great, if I decide against selling them, all the good ones will go there, tag and no tag(the tags ones are possible to sell, but i will likely give them away) It is a pain, I loved collecting beanie babies when I was younger and they were supposed to go up in value, which obviously didn’t happen.


whats that?


**What about one of those charities that makes up gift boxes for overseas children at Christmas time? I’m pretty sure the army does something like that in war torn countries…I think?



Toys for Tots. Or your church’s christmas toy drive…or the salvation army…so many chances to brighten a day! What about donating to a thrift store? A battered woman’s shelter? The options are truly wide open.


Toys for Tots doesn’t allow used toys, and there are few thrift stores that will accept them, but someone mentioned 2 that should accept beanie babies which takes care of half the problem.I will look into the battered womans shelter as a possibility:thumbsup:


what about a children’s hospital or a cancer unit for pediatrics at an area hospital? a friend ( she has many serious illesses so she does this at home ) of my best friend has a small business where she makes teddy bears, kitties, dogs, etc. called peapodbears.com.

For each bear or other animal that is purchased, she makes another bear and donates it to Children’s hospital of Buffalo or Roswell Park Cancer Institute. In spite of all her suffering ,this woman doesn’t want to see any child suffer so this is her special gift to make them smile, even if it’s for a short time.

At the nursing home where my DH’s grandmother is, they give out stuffed animals to those residents who have no family or friends that visit. It brightens their day just to have something to hold and cuddle.

Do you have any programs at your parish such as an angel tree for Christmas where you pick out a name tag for a little girl or boy. Maybe you could give your animals to that charity.

I think it’s awesome what you are doing. :thumbsup:


Ouch…she was just asking for some tips.

Anyway, my parish bulletin had something in there a few weeks ago about filling shoeboxes with small stuffed toys and mailing them overseas. I had JUST donated some of Julie’s to Birthright the day before. I recycled the bulletin, but I’ll see if it’s in there tomorrow. It’s probably a national program. Or drop them off at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.


I’ve heard of Operation Christmas Child run through Samaritan’s Purse. samaritanspurse.org/OCC_PackAShoeBox.asp
You put toys, school supplies, toiletry items, candies, etc. in a shoe box, and bring them with a $7 donation for shipping costs to a central collection point, usually a local church. They deliver them to poor children in third world countries along with Bibles and other faith sharing materials. HOWEVER, (1) I notice the website says no used items, and (2) this evangelical Protestant program may consider Catholics un-saved and non-Christians, and may therefore use our donations to tempt Catholic families away from the Church. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

If there is a similar program for Catholic families to donate to Catholic children world-wide, please let me know also. This is a fun idea for our kids to put together boxes for poor children elsewhere around the world.

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