What to watch for in Saturday's Republican debate [CS Monitor]


**What to watch for in Saturday’s Republican debate **

As six Republican candidates prepare for the South Carolina primary, Saturday night debate viewers should watch for fights on topics as different as immigration policy and personal character.

As the Republican candidates careen towards the South Carolina primary on Feb. 20, expect immigration and infighting to take center stage.

With one state in the bag each, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and business mogul Donald Trump are each looking for a second primary win coming into Saturday’s debate on CBS at 8 p.m. Eastern. Both candidates have started to go mean as their rivalry intensifies, and viewers are likely to see that come out during the debate.

Mr. Cruz beat Mr. Trump in Iowa by a narrow margin - just over three percent. Trump sailed to victory in New Hampshire with about 67,000 more votes than Cruz.
A focus on problems doesn’t tell the whole story. Fight the fear. Share hope.

With Real Clear Politics reporting that Trump is polling an average of 17 points ahead of Cruz heading into the South Carolina primary, expect each to go after the other.

The two have been exchanging insults over the airways in a possible preview of the debate. One Cruz ad referred to Trump’s “pattern of sleaze.”

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The whole complexion of the debate changes and the candidates obviously will be addressing who they would choose as a Supreme Court appointment or at least, this situation.


Expect a full discussion if their proposed SCOTUS nominees will support Murdering the Innocent Unborn, Tax Credits through Marriage for Sodomites, and zero questions from CBS Media Panel about the rights and Equality of religious citizens.


Party unity has now become absolutely essential.


No, party unity is something to reserve for after the Primaries are completed, not before. Processing disagreement is an essential function of the primaries.


It is the time for unity concerning the Supreme Court and this current situation which I referenced;

And no one get me wrong, as said by Preibus, we need to be reverent and respectful and caring per Justice Scalia and his family and consider that prayerfully.

But nonetheless, a nominee to the SCOTUS is being discussed.


Party unity doesn’t mean sharing the same views on each position to me. It also means that that it needs to become less vicious. The candidates have to be careful to avoid saying something that either Clinton or Sanders won’t be able to use against the eventual nominee. :frowning:


Don’t count on that happening in SC.

We’re in the thick of it now.


And I’d add in, unless there is a big falling out, don’t worry too much about it, it’s the course of those elections. All the media say it.

And as said, that is where Lee Atwater hailed from, so they have a real history there.


This debate has gone off the rails…due to Trump.He is out of control.Initially I thought he might have certain qualities and experience that would bode well if he were the president.znot anymore,he needs to go away!:eek:


The other candidates though have excelled, especially Rubio.

Dr. Ben’s answers have been good, so have Kasich’s, these 2 lack a bit of pizazz to me but Kasich has a lot of foreign policy experience.

Trump has been heavily booed and I’d say, possibly a bit uninformed.


Agree on all counts.:thumbsup:


Nah, it’s the audience who don’t realize that 9-11 happened under President GW Bush’s watch.


What a lively audience! Wow. :thumbsup:

Maybe it is some cheer leading going on but still fun!

I think all but Trump have done well and the moderators, Major and the others are doing well too.


CBS is not coming in on my tv tonight so I can’t watch them.
Trump is still so far ahead in the polls. I was hoping he would tone down behavior by now. He needs to remember he has not held political office before and is coming in strictly as being a successful businessman with promises that are resonating with a lot of people, but as the year progresses and people settle in with their daily routines he doesn’t want to turn into a sideshow.


I thank God that George Bush was in office and not Al Gore.

Didn’t Clinton have a chance to kill Bin Laden?


Too bad you can’t watch the debate,even if you are listening,you have to see the body language…Trupm is already there,re the sideshow:eek:


CBS is streaming it free online. That’s how I’m watching it. Bush is certainly more assertive when the audience is on his side. There’s a lively crowd in South Carolina indeed!


Somewhere should have a read-out, I don’t know where.

Play by play football is basically on the internet, why not these debates?


Some of it was planned during Clinton’s administration and it was certain public servants/government workers who missed the boat on it and frankly at least a few of them failed in their duty to protect this country.

So, one can try to blame Bush for it or insinuate it’s his fault, but then they’d have to blame Obama for the Clinton/State Department e-mail fiasco.

Now, I’m going to finish listening to Cruz talk about helping the poor, who have not advanced much at all under the Obama Administration.


Rubio clearly practiced his debate skills hard over the last week. He’s so far been doing really well, I’d put him and Kaisich as the one’s doing best in this debate as of right now.

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