What to wear on Black Friday

I am singing in a 7 pm service tonight. Do I need to wear dark colors? Are there any traditional rules for how women are to dress on Good Friday?

I’m wearing a white top with a black skirt. That always look professional.

“Black Friday?” I’ve never heard it called that.

I think she meant Good Friday. Black Friday you wear armor.

Neither have I. Always, “Good Friday”.

Black Friday always referred to the day after Thanksgiving when stores had the big sales and made big dollars!

The traditional liturgical color is black; the modern liturgical color is red. Although there is no rule that governs what anybody wears except the sacred ministers, I would stick to those colors because they are suitable to the day.

Exactly! lol.


I think we should wear darker colors, not a rule though.

LOL :thumbsup:

I’m going in a light grey skirt, white shirt and dark grey blazer. I will be wearing black shoes, black hose (not that anyone will see much of it—the skirt drops to just above the ankle) and a black mantilla, though.

I, too, think wearing dark colors is a guideline and not a rule.

I’m wearing black shoes, black socks, black dress shirt, black slacks, black tie, and black coat!

Another Black Friday? We just had one the day after Thanksgiving Day.:stuck_out_tongue: Good Friday being called Black Friday is new to me.

No belt! :slight_smile:

And a black belt. :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t necessarily SPEAK everything I’m wearing; I miss a few things sometimes!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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