What to wear to Mass this Sunday with the Pope?


Help. I’m going to the Mass on Sunday in New York. I cannot decide what I should bring to wear. Should I get dressed up or what? It seems like I should but we may end up having to do a lot of walking and I’ll need to wear my sneakers. We’re also going to be jumping right back on the bus after Mass for a long ride home and I need comfortable travel clothes on. Ideas? Would it be bad to wear jeans?


judging by today’s telecast, wear sunscreen


I’d probably wear my most comfortable clothes short of jeans (that’s why God invented slacks :slight_smile: ) and bring a spare pair of shoes to slip into for the actual Mass. And I agree on the sunscreen.


Good idea, I didn’t even think about sunscreen. :slight_smile:


I would dress up, and I would buy some dressy shoes that are still very comfortable. Man, you are lucky!


Don’t forget the shades! :cool:


I have been to a Papal Mass at St Peter’s Square and wore slacks and comfortable loafers. Prayed for everyone who was not lucky as I am to attend it and, on their behalf, waved at the Holy Father after the blessings. So, take a white handkerchief as well. :slight_smile:


A very big hat- and that goes for males and females, with a brim all the way around. The aforementioned sunscreen. A water container. A jacket or sweater, because stadiums such as Yankee Stadium get windy. Everything else- Use your best judgement, but I wouldn’t wear high heels, a suit, or panty hose.


I went to a papal audience in 2006 with my family. We all dressed up in jackets, ties and dresses. We were in the minority but I felt so proud of my family for showing the pope our respect for him and his title.

Remember, you dress for who you are going to see. How you dress shows your respect for them.

If my wife were going (I’m assuming you are a lady) she would likely wear a comfortable sundress with a pair of flat sandals.

Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!:thumbsup:


If you have time to run out and buy something and you have a Chicos nearby, they have a line called travelers. I wear them anytime I travel. It feels like you’re wearing your pajamas. You can get a pair of pants and a tank and then top that with a nice blouse.

Would definitely wear tennis shoes to walk and then slip into a nicer pair of shoes for the actual mass.

I"m jealous. Say a prayer for me :smiley:


As others have said, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and layers. I know some people who were at the DC Mass, and they (and the kids) went from hot to cold with sun and wind.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I think I’m just going to go ahead and pack my Sunday clothes. I guess it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. I’m going out in a little bit to see if I can find some comfortable, dressy sandals so I don’t have to wear my winter dress shoes.

I posted this in the Prayers section, but for those who missed it, please, please send up some prayers for me. I’ve got a nasty spasm going on in my back and I’m in severe pain. I’m really nervous I’m going to be completely miserable on this trip. Not only will I have to sleep on the floor, but sitting in a stadium seat is going to be very, very painful.

I’ve got some water from Lourdes in the bedroom, maybe I’ll use some of it.


If I were going, and riding a bus back and forth, etc…

I would probably just wear something that did not require panty hose. I would do a long flowing skirt with knee highs and very comfy flat shoes, I would layer with a sweater or wrap. I might would even wear a light weight hat of some sort…

I agree with the Chicos idea…wow, they have some comfy clothes…


I would wear comfortable, but nice, travel type clothes, such as I’d wear for an airplane trip (I’m old fashioned and dress nicely for plane trips, it was the way I was raised). My comfortable traveling shoes, which are high quality, some nice loose slacks, a button up blouse that has a color that will not show dirt in case of an accidental spill or mishap.

Because it’s outdoors in the sun, I would wear some sort of nice headcovering that would shade my face.

Have a blessed and wonderful day! :thumbsup:


Have fun!

Keep in mind that you might be stuck in a hot area or exposed to the sun for a long time. Due to security and crowds, you might not be able to get water or escape to a cooler area if the heat begins to affect you. Be sure that you are prepared for the sun and heat!

Yes, you will be at a Papal Mass…but remember that you are in a ballpark, and you do have to be practical and take this into account.


Elastic waist skirt, blouse and comfy shoes. Have a wonderful time!


This is the required dress code for St. Peter’s Basilica, I would follow it (not as many requirements as I thought there would be)

Dress Code

The Dress Code is strictly enforced at St. Peter’s Basilica. No shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts. This applies to both men and women. Even if you get through security, you will be turned away by the attendants at the door. On a hot summer day, I’ve seen dozens of men in shorts turned away.


I’m wearing casual navy pants and a short-sleeved blouse to the Yankee Stadium Mass on Sunday. I have some comfy brown shoes as well. Keep in mind that it will be a LONG day…

When JPII came, most people, men and women, who I saw were wearing pants. Granted, it was January and we all had to stand outside to wait for quite awhile, but sweaters and slacks with comfortable but nice shoes were the order of the day. I would say dresses/skirts (unless they are very comfortable) or jackets and ties are unnecessary for the ballpark!


Cool, “see you” there! :wave:


I’m going as well. I have a nice green skirt that goes down to my ankle and i planned to wear a white blouse that did not cover my shoulders. If I wore a shawl or something over my shoulders would it be acceptable then? Also, I heard that you were not supposed to wear white in the presence of the Holy Father. Does that take into effect only if you are going to meet him? Or should i just ex nay the shirt and try to find a new one tonite?

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