What turns 500 years old on Thursday?

Michelangelo’s paintings on the Sistine Chapel will be 500 years old.

The paintings were first exhibited to the public on All Saints Day, November 1, 1512.

Is it just me, or do people look a little on the chunky side in medieval paintings. :confused:

In medieval times, having extra fat on the bones was a sign of affluence, and as such it was seen as more beautiful than the “thinness” of today’s conceptions. There’s more to it than that, but this is a simple explanation as to why that is.

As for the news, that’s amazing! Sadly, when I was at St. Peter’s it was being cleaned, so I didn’t really get to see it T_T Hopefully I’ll get to go again in the future.

ive been twice to rome…

the Sistine Chapel is absolutely breathtaking.

in fact the whole of vatican city is.

i can see why they call it the eternal city/city of angels…

it did to me spiritually what it did back then to the catholics,it totally give me a inner understanding of greater strength of my faith.

it uplifted me no end… i’ve been suggesting to people ever since to go at least once,and see the beauty of the place. anyway there has been about fourteen people who have been over the last four years and they have said they are going again.loved it…:thumbsup:

who would have thought it,500 years old.well well.i can’t see it ever getting surpassed ,ever.

On All Saints Day as well.

check out my Michelangelo album.:):slight_smile:

The hands are just beautiful. It’s so difficult to convey movement and expression, but I guess that’s why the artists of the Renaissance were deemed “Masters”!:slight_smile:


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