What TV series have you quit watching because it's "jumped the shark" for you?

What show have you quit watching because something about it has turned you away from it? For me it was the original “CSI.” It started getting soap opera-y, delving into the personal lives of its characters, but the episode which actually turned me off was the one which showed the chewed up cheerleader. Cannibalism. That’s it, I’m outa here.

The Simpsons. I did end up watching the 20th anniversary one though (it was nothing great either).

I’m too old to know about jumping sharks, but I’m getting pretty tired of late-night talk shows. Maybe I’ve heard every joke there is to tell, probably not interested in what they try to pass off as jokes.

How about any newscast for CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and any local TV station :slight_smile:

News used to be about truth and facts. Now its about ratings, flashy graphics, commercial dollars and opinion.

God bless


Heros. I thought it was going to be a simple, “Save the cheerleader, save the world” and it just got freaky.

CSI:Special Victims. I just can’t take it anymore.

I used to enjoy watching Rick Mercer and This Hour Has 22 Minutes on CBC.

After our government decided that it had the authority to redefine marriage these satire shows jumped on the bandwagon. (CBC is known for its left-leaning bias.)

Any Catholic, conservative, or right-wing beliefs became something to make fun of. (I’m sure that this was happening before but I never noticed it.)

What a way to further a cause – make a laughing stock of anyone who doesn’t follow PC thinking.


It was a long time ago, but David Letterman said, “if a stupid person gets Alzheimers, how would you know?”

Never watched Letterman again after that.

I still like to watch Rick Mercer but 22 Minutes has become a bit of a turn off.

I did notice a mean turn in Air Farce though after John Morgan left. And while Mike from Canmore, Jock McBile, Gilbert Smythe Biteme (no sure if I can spell it properly here without getting bleeped), and bingo player Brenda remained funny, the chicken cannon got old fast and Alan Park and Craig Lauzon were not funny at all. Jessica Holmes was the only funny newby.

CBC – or would it be Chris Haddock the creator, also totally hosed up DaVinci’s Inquest by ending the series and moving DaVinci out of the coroner’s office and in the mayor’s office for DaVinci’s City Hall. What a stinker that is/ was!

The worst jump the shark in Canadian TV has to be King of Kensington though with teh departure of the character of Cathy, King’s wife at the end of season 3. It just seemed so unnatural. I was making DVDs of the whole series off TV land and when it got to this, I couldn’t go on!

God bless


I continued watching because the series was wrapping up but for me the worst was the episode “Jump The Shark” on the X-Files. I.Will.Never.Get.Over.It.

After the President became the Terrorist in Chief on 24 I haven’t made it through an entire day on what was must see water cooler talk TV.

There was a TV series about interplanetary war. The writers screwed up and the commando heroes landed behind enemy lines and found a breeding area for baby aliens. Instead of detonating their nuke, like they were supposed to, they didn’t do it, [it was like the early commandos landing on Normandy beach ahead of the main landing force and deciding not to install their landing beacons] and the followup landing by the earthlings failed and the human race lost the interplanetary war and … was wiped out.

The next week, the series … wasn’t there.

The Sopranos did in season 6-big time. This breaks my heart, but the person who said The Simpsons was totally right.

Was that Space: Above and Beyond? If it was the show was ending so they killed off most of the squad as the show ended with the survivors drifting towards their deaths.

I still like Heroes, but I hate how they’ve been writing Sylar. I wish they’d either turn him into a good guy or move on; the back-and-forth of his psychopathy isn’t interesting anymore.

The Simpsons about ten years ago. 'Nuff said.

The Simpsons (blah; it’s not funny any more)
Family Guy (the first two seasons weren’t that bad, then it went off the deep end like whoa)
Robot Chicken (Seriously, the deep end)

Law & Order – all of them.

I only watched The Sopranos one time. The language was so foul that I changed the channel after just a couple of minutes and never went back.

“The Office.” I thought the first 4 seasons were funny, but last year or so I thought the characters and plots have gotten really mean-spirited and forced.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Just too much of detective Goren out sciencing the CSU guys, out doctoring the ME, and determining that because the victim was holding a piece of soda straw it obviously meant that they had been shot through the arm by a bullet that passed through a classroom and took the top of the straw off of the plate of a 3’ 6.5" Japanese American girl who was being raised by her Lesbian aunt right at the time the child reached over the open her milk carton.


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