What TV shows do you watch?

Just curious what tv shows people in here watch on a consistent basis. I watch a bunch of different shows from 24 to King of the Hill as well as religious programming such as The One True Faith with Michael Voris. How about the rest of you? :smiley:

I prefer the old shows such as Bonanza and the Andy Griffith Show. Don’t much care for the new shows. I did enjoy Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? but haven’t found it lately so guess it’s been taken off the air.

:thumbsup: Old time reruns except for the spooky ones like Outer Limits or Twilight zone.
I’ve been enjoying In the Heat of the Night lately too with Carroll O’Connor

My dad used to love Bonanza…He even owns some of the seasons on DVD now…I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, etc. All excellent shows! :slight_smile:

Of first run shows…

Burn Notice

When they up again I’ll be watching Doctor Who and Sanctuary. I’ll probably check out SG:Universe but I’m not optimistic it’ll be as good as SG1 or Atlantis.

nada, zip, zero

How can anyone forget Seinfeld?

I have watched all the shows and continue to watch the re-runs.

I think Fifth Grader will be back when American Idol is finished. I watch Bonanza too. Since we switched from cable to AT&T U-Verse, we have the Hallmark Channel and I love Murder She Wrote. I’ll watch Matlock anytime it’s on too.

I liked Seinfeld when it was first on, but later I decided I didn’t like those people much. They were small and selfish, and just generally not very nice.

I like police shows and the various forensic shows. I’m really addicted to NCIS right now. It’s on USA 3 times in a row, and I have it set to record. Then I can watch it in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I like Numbers too, and Ghost Whisperer, although that’s kind of corny.

I love Dancing with the Stars and can’t wait for that to start again. I’ve watch Idol in the past, but so far this year, I haven’t been watching.

I like Eureka on the Sci Fi Channel, and I like Psych, Burn Notice and Monk too.

There’s nothing on, though, that I would miss if it wasn’t there anymore.

Your Dad? Now I do feel old! Okay, I am old, I admit it.

Dad: watches RFDTV, Big Joe Polka, Trains and Locomotives, Jimmy Sturr, and, some of the other Bluegrass and Country music (really old time CM) on that particular station; Cleveland Indian Baseball on STO. Mom watches the painting show on BYUTV, “Jerry Yarnell School of Art,” and the painting show on PBS, 'Joy of Painting;" Y&R.

My favorites have been EWTN’s “Journey Home,” and the Travel Channel’s shows, like “No Reservations.” I may watch Mass too and will put EWTN on when I am alone.

We watch “Funniest Home Videos” (with Dad … my Dad likes Comedy!) on Saturday, “Extreme Home Edition,” “American Idol,” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” (2 TVs.)

C-Span and EWTN for big happenings, sometimes, book reviews. MSNBC has the best commentators with Morning Joe and Chris Matthews during the election run-up.


Our viewing habits have changed quite a bit, since we have RFDTV and Dish. Before, with Time-Warner, we usually had PBS Mysteries and some of those lovely sitcoms on Canadian TV, recreating past ways of life. Hallmark Movies fill the void for that kind of thing.

I tried to get into Seinfield but it just wasn’t entertaining to me. I know a lot of people think it’s the best show ever but I just didn’t “get it.” The motto of the show being a show about nothing really fit it well lol

Saying Seinfeld is about nothing is like saying our lives are about nothing - of course they aren’t, and of course it isn’t.

The show, like a lot of good satire, is a mirror that reflects our small-minded obsessions and pettiness back to ourselves through the medium of humourous exaggeration (ie making us look slightly worse than we really are for purposes of getting laughs - such as the hours-long standoff between two cars over a parking space). A bit like Jack Benny exaggerating his stinginess with money to get laughs.

These folks did and said all sorts of things that most of us have thought at some stage but not said - a la the ‘ugly baby’ episode, is there no-one who hasn’t at some stage seen a kid and thought they were ugly, but not dared to say so?

Seinfeld is really a show you either get or you don’t. If you like it, you’ll think its hilarious, but if you don’t, you’ll be left wondering what all the hype is.

As for me, I watch the Office, which I think is hilarious, and Jeopardy!. Other than that, just ESPN.

The only TV show you need to watch is 24.

Watching any other show means that the terrorists win.

Antiques Roadshow
The Office

What shows do I watch? Let’s see…:

Perry Mason, Murder, She Wrote, The Holy Rosary in the Holy Land, The International Rosary, G.K. Chesterton, the Apostle of Common Sense, The Great Heresies, Mirror of the Soul, with Fr. John Wauk, The Catholic Church, Builder of Civilization, Made in Spain with Jose Andres, More Fast Food My Way, with Jacques Pepin, and (even though it isn’t broadcast on PBS anymore) Ciao, Italia, with Mary Anne Esposito. :eek:

Monk, Psych, The Apostle of Common Sense, Faith & Culture, The Real West, Civil War Journal, and Fr. Connor’s Church history shows.

The Simpsons
Amercia’s Funniest Home Videos
We watched True Beauty when it was on and plan on watching In The Motherhood.

And of course:

Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Office, CSI, Bear Gryls, Myth Busters, Forensics Files, anything on Tru TV or Discovery channel.

Yea the show is about nothing, and yet I have no idea why I like this show lol

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