What type of Baptist are these?


Video information:

This hell bound papist wench was on the fast bus to aeternal damnation until a Baptist missionary came along and got her saved. It was through her thourough and extensive knowledge of the Holy King James 1611 Bible that she got this woman saved. Praise Jesus!

They sound so loving dont they! :rolleyes:

I don’t know what to say…

Probably southern. American Baptists are a little nicer.

I get the feeling it’s a joke - I seriously found it so funny!

neither do I:doh2::rotfl:

i saw that video once lol…but no it’s definitely real, I remember reading the comments on it and Catholics were defending our faith and the person who made the video was slamming it in the comments too…
And probably Southern Baptist, a Southern Baptist girl I know watched a video at her church once about how people in South America aren’t allowed to pray to God, they pray to Mary and she tells Jesus. I tried to explain to her thats not true but she called me a liar…
Their church is also going to Italy, and the Phillepenes to “save” those Hellbound Catholics lol

Now, c’mon guys. Southern Baptists are the “nicest”. “Primitive” Baptists, now those are the hell-fire and damnation sort.

We once questioned a (Southern) Baptist minister who came to explain the Baptist church to our Catholic group. What do you believe, we asked. Do you have a creed, like the Apostles Creed that some many Christian churches use? Well, no, he said. Every Baptist church is independent, and follows what their pastor believes.

So much for unity, direction and magisterium.

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