What type of host can be used for Catholics suffering from Celic Disease?

Thank you for taking my questions.

My young son has Celiac Disease and is about to take his first Communion. We reached out to the parish priest to discuss as my son is so sensitive, he cannot take the low gluten host approved by the USCCB.

We assumed he could just take wine alone, and were ready to make plans to buy a separate chalice.

This priest said he could use anything that was gluten free - including gluten free bread - to accommodate my son. But this concerns me after reading the guidance of the USCCB.

Would love some help!

Thank you and God bless your mission!

You are correct that completely gluten free bread is invalid matter for the Eucharist:

A. The use of gluten-free hosts and mustum

  1. Hosts that are completely gluten-free are invalid matter for the celebration of the Eucharist.
  1. Low-gluten hosts (partially gluten-free) are valid matter, provided they contain a sufficient amount of gluten to obtain the confection of bread without the addition of foreign materials and without the use of procedures that would alter the nature of bread.

Some people who have celiac disease are able to use the very low gluten hosts but some cannot. In those cases such individuals should receive from a separate chalice:

The lay faithful who are not able to receive Holy Communion at all under the species of bread, even of low-gluten hosts, may receive Holy Communion under the species of wine only, regardless of whether the Precious Blood is offered to the rest of the faithful present at a given celebration of Mass.

Similarly, it might be necessary for someone who has permission to receive Holy Communion under the species of wine alone to prepare before Mass a chalice, which will not be part of the commingling rite and from which either they alone will receive or from which they will be the first to receive.

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