What type of prayers do you find you get results for?


There seem to be 4 types of prayer
What type of prayer do you find gets answered? Any examples?
Does answered prayer inspire you?
Spiritual warfare


your question is too abstract for me. I pray for the whole world to come to a saving knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.

I pray for the relief of people in Indonesia affected by the earthquake. I pray for big things like that – an end to abortion.

At great turning points in my life my only solace has been in prayer which, thankfully, has been answered.

I was just reading in Jeremiah that it took time for his prayers to be answered. We must wait on the Lord.

Specifically, Jeremiah was praying for guidance, and likewise, I pray for the Spirit to guide the Church.


This is an odd question.

God answers prayers in accordance with his will rather than in accordance with the types of prayer we use to ask him…


The nice thing about prayer is you don’t have to have a formal qualification to do it, just consciousness.


I do not pray to “get results”. I pray because it is my duty and my desire to pray.


I find that the prayer that works, 100%, no fail whatsoever:

“Thy will be done.”


Pray with a sincere and contrite heart.


Thank you for praying for Indonesia. The tsunamis and earthquakes were devastating in some parts in the country. The sad thing is that it may likely happen again and again plus it happened right in the region of conflicts between moslems and christians.
I agree on your praying practices, but only some of my prayers were answered sometimes in surprising and different way.I think know why but, sorry, I cannot tell you. I keep on praying like you do. Who knows…Fyi, I can only humbly acknowledge by the grace of God, I’m a believer of the Real Presence.
Please pray for me. Thank you.


All of my prayers are made with the petition that thy Will be done, not my own. I ask for something, yet add but not as I will, but as you will.


I find that my small tiny prayer requests gets answered, but bigger more painful ones receive a no instead. Perhaps these prayers will be answered in the future?


I am confused about prayer. Abel is offering a sacrifice already in Genesis, but where did that come from? You could write a book speculating about it, but it seems that there is already there, at least by example, the idea of doing something to communicate with God.

Fast forward to the second century, and Jews (who lost the Temple in 70 AD) come up with the idea that “prayer” can take the place of animal sacrifice.

It seems that prayer is an assumption in scripture, something that comes up without any explanation of how or why to do it. Moses intercedes and prays for the Israelites, for example.

I guess it becomes clearest when the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. It must have been a challenge back then, too.


I think all prayers have results if you believe God surely hears all of them, since that would result in Him seeing you seek Him. I personally believe He rewards a soul that prays to Him in ways which may have nothing to do with anything I may ask for.
Sometimes I suffer so much because none of my prayers are “answered”. I’m speaking of mental health issues. And yet I wonder where all this peace comes from.
I believe it is possible to suffer and have peace. And I only learned this very recently as I was contemplating this area in my life that hasn’t healed, and yet, there was peace. I found it strange and a blessing.
And I believe the Holy Spirit helped me find that connection.


When I really think about it and am totally honest with myself, my personal experience is that I find a distribution across all sorts of prayer that is roughly equal to chance. I’m inclined to think that the most crucial prayers are the ones of existential import, and I am stricken by that idea whenever I drive past a cemetery, as nearly each headstone is a marker of a singularly important one not answered. It serves as no bastion of hope with regard to my own prayers when I see such things as children’s cancer wards or churches full of people collapsing in an earthquake. What need or merit do I carry that equals these, and yet the outcomes are statistically predictable at the aggregate level.




Do you pray the Our Father?
I do and today I survived, had my daily bread and I experienced no evil.

Maybe you had a day like mine? I hope so :slightly_smiling_face:


The type that comes from the heart works


Jeremiah 17:9.
Says the heart is the most deceitful and who can know it.

But it sounds positive .when we say our heart leads us. But the bible says otherwise

When I pray I speak what the holy spirit tells me to say.
This works in the prayer group I attend.
Cor. 14:25-26


So long as it is deemed righteous in the mind of God. There are cases [all too many], of folks ‘praying’ for evil/uncharitable things to happen to others. Good prayer/speaking to God/interfacing with God, directly or through the saints and angels, will always be viewed favourably by God, and be answered ‘positively’ in God’s way and time. It is said that no ‘good’ prayer goes unanswered, one positive way or another - no prayer goes ignored.


All of them…some of the results might not what I wanted, but all were appropriate…even Jesus prayed that the cup be passed from him…he still suffered, but the end result was glorious!

Peace and all good!


The ones which don’t rely on other people’s will…

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