What type of prayers do you find you get results for?


God is going to answer you in ways you don’t expect. For example, when I received the copy of my baptism certificate I knew when I looked at the date why God wanted me to wait a year and three weeks extra to be received into the Catholic Church. My baptism date was Easter Sunday when I was received. I guess God wanted me to have that on a very important document and I in my thick head and stubbornes wouldn’t be able to listen in any other ways to God´s very tender voice.


I find that my best prayers are done when I’m fasting. When you’re fasting, you’re in a state of humility. When you’re humble, God moves [in your life] like a whirlwind.


Isaiah 58 does set the standard when done as instructed. 3 day fasts water only or 7 day was easer 21 day Daniel was really easy. 40 day was tough .


I’m not good at praying so my spirituality isn’t doing so well.


Find a prayer group . and pray for the people and you will start hearing the holy spirit giving you direction on how to have effective prayer the the book of James speaks of.


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