What type of vocational calling did you have? and how did you know?


What type of vocational calling did you have? And
How did you know?


Third Order Dominicans – found while reading the Perfect Joy of St Francis and he was singing the rule of his laity. I couldn’t figure out why I had such an attachment to the Dominican Friars who conducted my parish in another town.

Went on Cloistered retreat and knew that that way of life needed promotion.

Just knew that the soldier in BDUs kneeling in church when I came in was probably the one. I was in counseling for child abuse, and had resigned myself to the possibility of a married vocation.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Yes I had a relative that was a Dominican nun. Teacher of music.

I would think its part of the same group?


Dominicans consider themselves a family. Your relative probably belonged to one of several Dominican Sisters congregations in the US.


Third Order Carmelite (Final Profession in 9 days…:heart_eyes:) I felt I was called to the Carmelites even before experiencing my first community meeting. As a visitor to that meeting, observing those who came to the meeting and experiencing the meeting itself, I immediately felt AT HOME. That feeling has never left and has only strengthened in the 8 years-3 months since.
Single at this time. 56 years old but open to marriage if so called in the future.


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