What types of doctors can a devout Catholic be?


I am a Junior in high school currently and I have recently been thinking about becoming a doctor. However, I dont know what types I could be considering that Obama will probably pass the FOCA.

Could I become an ER or ICU doctor without having to perform an abortion in either the residency or job itself?

If not what kind of doctor could I be?


Well, FOCA may well be passed, but the main question is how draconian its provisions would be, and how strictly they would be enforced.

I find it difficult to believe that some room would not still be left for doctors to act according to their consciences, at least in private practice if not in hospitals.

The uproar if it were that drastic would be enormous, as would the devastation to the healthcare field. I think even the staunchest supporters of FOCA are still politicians at heart. As such they would lean toward pragmatism and compromise rather than aggressive measures.

Trust in God, keep praying and start on that medical degree - he’ll help you cross any bridges that you come to. I suppose you could probably always get a job in research if private practice or hospital work weren’t open to you.

And if all else fails, we have great need of doctors here in Australia and in other countries, you could always complete your training or work outside the US if need be.


Hi BrandonR,

First, welcome to CAF. May your stay be long and very educational. I’m a Youth Ministry/ Confirmation Catechist. Currently, volunteering in my parish. So when a teen does something or thinks about doing good. I :clapping: Well done my younger brother.

Now what kind of doctor should you be? One that follows the Hippocratic oath “do no harm”. Be a doctor that is concerned about healing, prevention, diet, exercise, alternative medicine spirituality, taking supplements, emotional & psychological well being of their patients. Pray for your patients. Pray to Jesus the Divine Physician, St.Luke and any other saints who were doctors. Ask for guidance from them. Of course stay true to your Catholic faith. Furthermore, please remember that when people go to the doctor we are afraid, concerned, unsure, nervous, worried about test results, the poking, the prodding, probing, shots, etc. The lack of time to speak to the doctor. The cold clinical exam room. Unfriendly doctors, nurses and other medical staff. Another words be understanding, compassionate, explain things better, be warm, friendly, think like the patient, pray with them (if they allow it ). Please be aware that some people can’t afford medical costs. Be a doctor who puts patients concerns first and not how much he can pad his bank account.

I wish you success. Who knows, one day I might see you and call you DOCTOR Brandon. :thumbsup:


You are putting the cart waaaaay ahead of the horse.

We had a great homily one Sunday that told us that a large portion of what we worry about will never happen, another portion may happen but we can do nothing about it, another portion has already happened and cannot be changed. It is only a small portion of things will actually happen as we imagine AND we can do something about it.

In your case, I would strongly suggest that you focus on getting excellent grades in high school (and participating in diverse activities such as volunteer work and competitive events like sports or academic contests). Next you will need to really concentrate in college while taking the appropriate classes to get into medical school. (Check on what types of courses are required by medical schools you would like to attend before you head off to college.)

If you ace your last 2 years of HS plus your 4 years of college, then and only then would it be productive to spend time thinking a little about a possible medical speciality. Mind you, you would also have to perform well in medical school to get accepted in a residency program where the issue you raise might matter. Most of my friends did not end up in the same type of medical practice that they imagined in high school or college or even in the 1st year of medical school.

It is good that you are interested in current events, but I’m afraid that you are focused too far into the future on this particular issue. With all of the time and variables stretching out between you and choosing a medical speciality, you have no way of knowing what the current law of the land will be at the point when it may matter to your career. The country and the laws changed in many ways from the time that I was a HS junior and when I graduated from law school. The same was true for my friends who chose medicine as a career. There is no way to know what the requirements will be for licensing or residency this far in advance, so try not to stress yourself!

My advice is to place all of your hopes and concerns about your future career into God’s hands and trust Him to guide you. Do your best work in school and trust that God will show you the correct path when the time is right.


What is FOCA? Is this something in the US?


“thistle” FOCA stands for “Freedom of Choice Act”. Take a look at the link, in my signature. Tells all about it. :frowning:

God bless.


St. Gianna Molla… please intercede for all young people who want careers in medicine. St. Gianna Molla, pray for us.


God bless you, Brandon. You’re in my prayers. So sad, that you have to now be worried about this.


almost all med students will be required to assist at or at least watch abortion procedures at some time during their rotation, so find out the details for the program you are entering beforehand.


Maybe these websites would be useful:

Catholic Medical Association

Catholic Medical Students Association

National Catholic Bioethics Center


I know a dr who’s a member of Opus Dei and a patient wanted a referal for an abortion. He tried to talk her out of it but she insisted. He said no and she complained to his dr partner. In the end he left the practise and studied sports medicine. Now he doesn’t have to pay for tickets to the football. :thumbsup:


I feel devastated to see your question.:confused:
Please do click MarieVeronica’s signature and submit your online signature to fight FOCA.
We just cannot allow it to pass.
As a Catholic, at least we have to fight against it.
That is the **least **a Catholic can and should do.


What types of doctors can a devout Catholic be?

The best kind!!! one that won’t kill babies one that will do what Doctors are supposed to do. Like if someoen is broke and can’t afford medical care they still treatthat person as he was Jesus. That is the kind of Doctor a devout Catholic would make!! If only Doctors acted like a devout Catholic. things would be so much better. Scoob

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