What types of "gun control" would actually be effective? What sort of "gun control" would I actually support?


Or maybe the person always looking for retreat rather than taking a life is a Christian who is following the Church’s moral doctrine, which is most definitely not “stand your ground.”


If you get boxed in, then you are not going to be doing any retreating.

In the Baltimore case with the 2x4 attack on an unarmed woman, the teenager attackers did not cease until some man came by and yelled at them.


It’s not about thinking only of retreating. It is about thinking first about retreating, and then considering other options if that can’t work out.


For Christ, I think it was always first and only about “standing your ground.”

  • Rebuke of Peter:
  • The temple merchants:
  • The high priest’s guard:


Try Luke 4:29-30.


Good try but retreat means backing away from the enemy, not passing through their midst. I suppose one could say incorrectly, “the running back retreated through the secondary for his second touchdown.”


There is more to it than retreating or backing up.

It would have been beneficial if the man who came by and chased the kids away … if the man had been carrying a pistol.


see cc 2264 & 2265

we have a grave duty to defend our family.


Two things to remember when it comes to carrying a concealed firearm:

  • Those who say they would carry when headed to a bad part of town are dangerously wrong. The second law of carrying a concealed firearm is to avoid dangerous places altogether. So you enjoy going to that old shrine in an extremely dangerous part of town? The solution is not to go! It’s not to carry a concealed firearm when you do.

  • The first law of carrying a concealed firearm is that if you can effect an escape without bringing injury or death to yourself or others, you take off! You don’t precipitate a shoot-out!


Good advice. No one wants to be the cause of injury or death to a human being.

In the case of home invasion, always put one round into the ceiling as a warning shot. Preferably, the first shot.


No. Safely escaping (if possible) is simply the safest thing the potential victim can do.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Zounds! That’s hardcore incorrect! Leave the “warning shots” to B westerns and old cop shows. One does not fire their weapon in this context unless it is to neutralize! No “aiming for the legs” either.


Lighten up. How does one escape from their own home? The gun is always the last resort in self-defense. But it remains a resort. Better to only scare than maim.


That is a straw man. Stand your ground versus retreating is about property, not people. Retreat, as I was using it assumes safe retreat, or at least safer retreat.


Do not try to spin this. I was responding to your comment:

That’s hardcore bad and potentially dangerous advice.

You are wrong. More terrible and potentially dangerous advice. Never fire a gun to “scare” someone!


Often the best way to defend your family is to grab them and get the heck out of there.


SYG was not the point of discussion:

this is what i was replying to and i listed cc 2264 & 65

person always looking for retreat rather than taking a life is a Christian who is following the Church’s moral doctrine,

cc 2264 self defense is one moral obligation
cc 2265 a grave duty to defend our family is the second moral obligation.

stand your ground versus retreating is about the situation at hand.

in a church setting do you retreat because you can or defend your church family because you can? if you run someone else may die; if you stay and act you may die. i believe you have a moral obligation under cc 2265 to stay and act.


a few years ago there was a big case about this. they locked the shooter (defender) up. i don’t remember the outcome. i believe it was a domestic dispute.


unless you define family as the group you are with and if that includes those who can’t retreat… you may have a moral obligation.


Most mass shootings today are done by democrat / liberal / atheist / bernie sanders types. How about the gay black news anchor in Blacksburg, Va that killed everyone in a shooting spree? James Holmes for example.


That’s why I said “often” and not “never.”

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