What was Jesus before he became flesh?


meaning, did he have a body, was he spirit?


God the Son.

No body.

Pure, uncreated spirit.


so is he now bound to a limited body? I’m not trolling just seeking to understand this.


Christ ascended into heaven of His own power and indeed as God in Divine Power and as man in the power of His transfigured soul which moves His transfigured body, as it will. In regard to the human nature of Christ, one can also, following the Scriptures, assert that it was taken up or elevated into heaven (by God).

From the christological angle the Ascension means the final elevation of Christ’s human nature into the condition of Divine glory.

From the soteriological angle it is the crowning conclusion of the work of the Redemption.

Source: “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma” - Ludwig Ott p.194


Jesus’ human body and soul are eternally present and united to His divinity in heaven.

I’m not sure it’s correct to use the term “limited”, since His human nature has been divinized and encompassed by the Trinity. It certainly isn’t limited in the sense of mortal flesh (limited by the physical laws of nature). Recall that His risen flesh could pass through walls (John 20:19) and rise in the air to heaven (Acts 1:9).



We cannot understand it: just accept it in awe. As we say in the Christmas service:

A mystery I behold,
strange and wonderous!
Heaven, a cave,
and a Virgin the Throne of Cherubim!
Within the confines of the manger
is placed the Infinite, Christ Our God!

It would pay to remember, that by His nature, God has no dimension (size, etc.) so the question of “squeezing” Him into a space doesn’t apply (adittedly, we can’t squeeze this into our understanding, since we are limited beings and can only think in terms of dimension).


A cosmic being? http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j7/Wi800/Emoticons/lol.gif


He Was, Is and Always Will Be God, All Powerful, All Present and All Mighty. Bodies are a part of creation. The Creator is over and above creation but all was created through Him and He became a physical part of it in the incarnation.

Logic itself which is our way of understanding creation in the present is a part of creation. God’s Existence as Three but One at the same time is not logical. However, it is logical that the Creator of logic would not be bound by logic. Similarly He does not need nor is bound by a body.


He was God in the Second Person of the Trinity. :slight_smile:


You’ll get different answers on this one. The Nicene Creed tells us that Jesus Christ is eternally begotten of the Father. Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. This seems to say that the Second Person of the Trinity has always been Incarnate. This also seems to be in line with the concept that God is unchanging - certainly The Word going from God alone to, at some point, God Incarnate would seem to be a major change.

Now watch all the people who disagree. :slight_smile:


My first thoughts on this are…

John 2:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

14 **And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, **

Although I’ll never fully understand it this side of Heaven, I can only say that He was the word made flesh.


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