What was Jesus’ DNA like if his Father is not human?


I am not great with Biology, but I know every healthy person needs 46 chromosomes, 23 from their mother and 23 from their Father. Could someone explain how this would work in Jesus’ case because only his mother Mary is human? Did all traits and chromosomes come from Mary?


It was Heavenly/Divine/Godly!


I’m not sure how anyone can possibly answer your question. There is no DNA of Christ around today as far as I know…


Yes but Jesus is 100% human as well as 100% divine. So did his human nature come 100% from Mary?


Human part sure but HE IS GOD don’t forget so I’m sure all of that was worked out. Sometimes we just can’t know the answer to every question.


There are Approved Eucharistic Miracles that have turned into flesh and blood. They have been scientifically tested too.



No. We can’t.

With God, all things are possible. We don’t know what God did. But he created everything that exists out of nothing, so this is no problem for him.


I am not doubting God’s omnipotence nor the incarnation, I am just interested in how God made it work. I think someone educated in DNA makeup and educated in Catholicism could give a faithful and scientific answer.


Do you want to pay for running a genome on Eucharistic Miracle samples? That’s the only way…


I’ll bet that the blood from various Eucharistic miracles has been Sequenced and it was probably shown to be normal. I think the blood on the shroud of Turin was shown to be from a male which would mean XY even though Mary was XX. Jesus was made incarnate by a miracle :blush:


These are the things - in faith - that we accept !


I don’t believe they sequenced the entire genome. The DNA and Blood Type have been confirmed.


I can only assume God supernaturally introduced the desired DNA into Mary’s womb. Jesus was fully human…I’m sure it was human DNA just like it would have been had He had a human father.

But for more detailed answers, we just don’t know, unless someone runs the full DNA sequence on the Eucharist miracle samples.


My guess is that Adam’s pre-fall genetic code was used. Perhaps there was an upgrade and some added virus protection installed to make it up to date. :sunglasses:


All kidding aside, that seems possible and would be very fitting.


I think so too since traditionally Jesus is the new Adam.


God is not so small that He would be unable to solve this problem. How did He do it? Don’t know. Not worrying about it.
Praised be the name of Jesus. Blessed be the name of Mary, virgin and mother.


The church has not spoken on this. I think the Holy Spirit provided the sperm! He is Mary’s husband and father of Jesus.


Add to this, where and how did Adam and Eve get their DNA? I don’t think we need to know the answer to these type of questions. Simply believe that God created.


This thread is very interesting and stimulating.
The DNA recovered from eucharistic miracles, which earlier posters mentioned, seems to provide the answer.

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