What was the Alexandria Text?

I have a friend who is a Protestant and we where talking about Bibles, his KJV and the DRV, and he kept saying " Your Bible is from Alexandria" but the way he was saying it meant “That’s not good”. And I am wondering. What was Alexandria and why is it not good ?

Thank you in advanced. God Bless.

Generally speaking, the Alexandria Text can refer to the Greek version of the Old Testament which is also called the Septuagint or the LXX (70). Specifically speaking, it refers to the Codex Alexandrinus which is a fifth-century Greek version Bible. It containing the majority of the Septuagint and the New Testament. It is among the earliest and most complete manuscripts of the Bible.

However, because this version of the Old Testament is in Greek rather than Hebrew most Protestants reject it as source for translations or canon.

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