What was the name about this movie about a Devil's Advocate

I saw a movie (I believe in the 90’s) about a modern-day priest assigned to the duty of Devil’s Advocate for an (apparently) saintly monk. At first, the holiness of the monk seemed unassailable, and the priest felt kinda silly, but his investigations uncovered many disturbing things (including the suspicion that the monk had committed suicide). I believe the monk died by drowning.

What was this movie?


Great Movie stars Ed harris “(the)Third Miracle”

Thanks for the feedback, and yes, a good movie, but The Third Miracle is surely not the particular film I have in mind.

Warning: Spoiler in additional reply.

In fact, *The Third Miracle *is practically the opposite, because Third Miracle features a cynical priest who becomes a believer, whereas the movie I am recalling features a believing priest who becomes a cynic (at least as far as the candidate’s Cause is concerned, and the priest (acting as Devil’s Advocate) ultimately - and rightly - defeats the petition for canonization, because the candidate did, in fact, commit suicide, as is proven in the film). And I am absolutely sure the candidate for canonization was a man (a young monk who drowned himself), not a woman.

Though The Third Miracle is on the canonization of a woman, the Priest involved is a cynic who basically lost his faith over a monk. The movie you speak of actually sounds like it would be the ‘prequel’ to this one as the even the Priest believed the monk to be a Saint, but was crushed when he found his journals that proved otherwise. He helps then defeat the popular petition. Though the Priest isn’t the devil’s advocate, he is the defender of the Saint.

Don’t think that helps though.

Sorry man, that was my best shot… But if you do find out the name of the film please let me know. Thanks

1977 West German film “Des Teufels Advokat” – UK release “The Devil’s Advocate”, based on Morris L. West’s 1959 novel of the same name. That and “The Shoes of the Fisherman” are West’s best known works.

Starred John Mills, Paola Pitagora, Stéphane Audran, Jason Miller and Raf Valone.

www.imdb.com is your friend when searching for this kind of information.

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