What was the scariest film you saw as a child?

I remember watching Night of the Demon as a child and found that scary.

After the film I remember my brothers trying to hand me stuff with a piece of paper on it to scare me.

I think this film was called Curse of the Demon in America.

I never heard of that one. I must be much older because I had nightmares after watching “Invaders from Mars” from 1953. What was so scary was SPOILER: at the end the boy thought he’d only had a nightmare, but then sees the same things happening that happened in his dream. It took me a long time to get over that one.

And an episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which a woman’s face is all wrapped up because she’s supposed to be so ugly. SPOILER: it turned out that she was beautiful and everyone else, except a few others like her, were grossly ugly. I was terrified I’d wake to find my family and friends all looked like the truly ugly people.

I remember being very young (not even ten yet) and having the bejeebers scared out of me by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. What made it worse was that we lived in a seaside locale that had a lot of similarities to the setting of the movie - complete with lots of pesky seagulls.

I love that film! It was based on the short story by MR James, Casting the Runes.

Not a film, but I was seriously freaked out by a tv programme when I was a kid. It involved this couple whose car has broken down and find their way to an empty house and stay there to recover. they hear mysterious noises and see nebulous figures wandering around. Both of them fall ill and are running high temperatures. The wife thinks she may be psychic because she keeps seeing “ghosts”. As her fever gets worse, the husband decides to go back to where they left the car to see if he can go for help. He comes back in a state of shock and tells his wife he found their car crashed up against a tree, burnt out and with two charred burned bodies in the driver’s and passenger’s seat. They slowly realise that they are actually dead, and the camera pulls back as they fade and the ghosts are revealed to be living people…

I can’t remember what it was called but that stayed with me for a long time afterwards - I watched it at my grandparents’ house and I don’t think Mum was very pleased with them!

My Nan was scared by one of Hitchcock’s first major films, The Lodger - they lived in a house with lodgers!

I know that it sounds weird, but the original Planet of the Apes scared me pretty good as a kid. Apes on horseback chasing humans through the woods. A little much for a seven year old kid, I guess.

The Exorcist…no doubt. That is the scariest film ever made.

My 2nd scariest would have to be a stupid movie i saw in the 70’s called “Killer Bees”. I have been terrified of bees ever since… lol

Selena, because the film practically introduced me to death and I was freaking out and sobbing :rolleyes:

Exorcist, hands down. I carried a huge crucifix with me for months. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a love-hate relationship with James and the Giant Peach as a child.

The birds. I still fear them if they get too close!

People watched the Exorcist as a child?:eek:
Remember catching bits of Day of the Triffeds. Can’t remember much about it, except that it scared the **** out of me and of course V, and remember seeing Salems Lot as well.
The Exorcist definitely the creepiest movie ever made, gets under your skin in a way no other does, even if its beginning to show its age now. Still I was 18 before I saw that on the re-release for the 25th anniversary in 1998 I think…

The ending of the 1950’s version of The Fly

I agree that the Exorcist was the scarriest. It was on cable last night and I was still terrified. The devil is a mean dude.

The Santa Clause from “Tales from The Crypt” (1970s) scared me to the core.

Jimmy Carter’s inauguration.


The American film of Triffids? Not a patch on the British version. Either way, very creepy.

When I was little The Wizard of Oz - flying monkeys :eek:
When I was older - Salem’s Lot

A movie called “Fire In the Sky”, an alien-abduction story that is supposedly inspired by true events.

At one point, the aliens slam the guy down on an experimentation table, and proceed to do some absolutely horrific things to the poor man.

I STILL have a slight unease about UFO-related stuff now.

add Body Snatchers to my list

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