What was the scariest film you saw as a child?

I feel the same way. These people from other worlds creep me out and I in some way connect it with demons and the netherworld.

From Mad Magazine’s Planet that Went Ape spoof:

Astronaut: “Incredible, a planet where intelligent apes speak and ride horses!”
Charlton Heston: “Be thankful for small miracles–at least it’s not the other way around!”

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The “child catcher” totally freaked me out. Had nightmares. You can watch it here.

A close second was the the Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch had me behind the couch, particularly when she looked into the crystal ball but it looked like she was looking into our living room.

As a 90’s child, I would shame my decade if I didn’t shout-out to Are You Afraid of the Dark. “Tale of the Dead Mans Float” terrified just about eeveryone my age

Same here, though for me it was a rosary. The movie STILL scares me to the nth degree.

1st…Alfred Hitchcocks “Birds”
2nd…Rosemarys Baby:eek:

…WHY did I google thaaat? D:

Why indeed?! :(:eek:

Indeed. While not nearly as scary in a horror sense, the new War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise still gave me the jeeblies.

I had to…cause I vageuly remembered that…didn’t remember the name, but THAT SCENE has been in my head since I was 4. I was curious to see if it was the same one…it was -_-

Child’s Play…I don’t even know how my brother managed to RENT IT (or maybe his friend did) because its a **Rated R **movie. It gave me nightmares…I was like 7 or 8…not sure why my parents even allowed the movie to be brought into the house…wish they hadn’t!

Killer Bees and Arachnaphobia. I hate bugs.

Was that the movie with the family stuck in the house trying ot keep the bees out? smeariong honey on paper to press to the windows?

I think it spooked me into conversion.

But an episode of Alfred Hitchock Presents stuck with me, “The Jar”. Just too creepy.


Child’s Play and “It” scared me a lot as a 4/5 year old. Watched these as a teen and they are the dumbest things ever made.

Whenever the beast came onto the screen in Beauty and the Beast, I would hide behind the entertainment center. The scene in Fern Gully when they almost get hit by a car? Does that happen near the beginning? (some of these memories are very vague)

This movie, I don’t know very many people that have seen it, but it was called Little Nemo and there’s this evil creature that looks like a huge inky blob. SO TERRIFYING. That REALLY scared me.

As for depressing, Land before Time, probably one of the most depressing movies ever made. Also couldn’t watch the beginning of Bambi.

I watched the Exorcist when I was maybe 15. I know adults always say it’s scary, but it didn’t scare me at all…

I wasn’t allowed to see the Exorcist when it first came out. Like you it didn’t scare me either when I finally saw it. I was much older. I think the reason is b/c by the time I saw it special effects were so much better it just made some of them in the Exorcist look silly.

Maybe…this was 2005 or thereabouts. I was just kind of disappointed because it was supposed to be so scary. I remember being kind of offended and scandalized, but not scared at all.

I don’t remember that part. I probably didn’t get that far.

By the time I was 4 my parents had let me watch (with them) Alien, Terminator, and The Thing. I don’t know which film frightened me more, as those special effects were particularly convincing to me back then. The scariest parts were the chest bursting scene from Alien, the seemingly unstoppable Terminator-skeleton chasing Sarah at the end of that film, and the resuscitation-attempt scene and the head-spider in The Thing.
I think we watched these films on TV as I recalled seeing trailers for them again and again. Another thing I remember seeing at that age was a video of a doctor putting the severed arms and legs of a tiny baby into a metal bowl. I didn’t realize for another 18 years that that was an abortion. I also recall seeing CCTV footage of a man being shot in a pool hall and footage of police arriving on the scene of another crime, showing the bloodied intact bullet they pulled from a man’s body and a tiny hole in the man’s shirt. Does anyone remember if TV in the mid-80s was that graphic? I have no idea where else I could have seen such stuff, especially the abortion footage.

OK, I get the Terminator movies confused. In that scene, is she being chased through some type of air duct? I remember that vaguely from my childhood, but can’t remember which movie it was in. I do remember that Terminator 2 was one of my dad and mine’s favorite movies and we watched it pretty often when I was around 5. I don’t remember it being scary at all, which is funny because supposedly it is a scary movie. I need to watch it again and see.

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