What was with this Mass I attended?

I am very confused about the Eucharist presentation I just witnessed. I attend Sunday Mass faithfully with my wife at our home church, but being that I work on a multi-city ambulance, when I have time between calls I stop at St Michael’s here in Hurst (DFW Tx). The last time I was here the mass commenced as I would have expected; Priest comes in (dressed for Mass) preforms the duties and at the end prepares and provides Holy Communion for those who are blessed enough to be able to take the Lord into them. Today however, there was a woman reading from a binder, a guy (Deacon, Priest, plumber…IDK) wearing a short-sleeve plaid dress shirt, we ran through the service with the woman doing 99% of the vocalization, the “guy” gets up to the altar, (hopefully) transubstantiates the body, invites us all up front to partake. Now, I am still awaiting my RCIA, but if I were already confirmed I wound have taken the same action of asking for “but a blessing, Sir”.

Perhaps I should wait for my RCIA to be completed but this just seemed off to me… Am I looking from the wrong angle here?


It sounds like you attended a Communion service; not a Mass. The man in the plaid shirt did not transubstantiate anything. He took hosts from the tabernacle that had already been consecrated.

These services are common where there is no priest available. As vocations to the priesthood increase, these services will fade away.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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