What was your Christmas menu?


Either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...

Christmas Eve is the most solemn to me, most important. We've been trying to recover some of the Italian/Polish traditions of meatless "vigil" dinners.

We made:

Chestnut Soup from Rachel Ray's mag
Asparagus with hollandaise from scratch
Mushrom & Pea risotto
Whole red snapper baked in salt crust
baked goat brie with fig preserves
kielbasa for midnight snack

My time estimate was WAY off! I know now that you have to start the day before. And you have to make the pierogi the first week of December.

What's your menu?


Carp baked in red wine sauce with ginger and other spices.
Borshch (beetroot soup).
Pierogi (mushroom and sauerkraut stuffing).
Herrings in spicy marinade with onions.
Stuffed eggs.


More or less traditional Irish:

Turkey and ham with stuffing and cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts and lots of other veg.

Christmas pudding with brandy sauce or custard.

Our starter wasn’t exactly traditional - melon with malibu - but left enough room for everything else.

Later in the day: mince pies and Christmas cake.

Plenty of Bisodol (Irish equivalent of Pepto-Bismol) :smiley:


For Christmas Eve we had Orange Chicken, rice, and stir fry vegetables.

On Christmas Day we had something of a potluck dinner. We brought tamales, lasagna, and pumpkin cheese cake. My sister and brother-in-law (their home) provided ham steaks, green beans, mashed potatoes, salad, and some vegetarian pasta dishes.

(My family has a habit of coming up with odd cross-cultural menus.)


My side of the family is Danish and my husband is Scottish. For whatever reason, he grew up eating cabbage rolls for Christmas Eve so that is what we have, with sour cream. I used to have shrimp on white bread with mayo as our Christmas Eve dinner growing up.

Christmas Day (Danish tradition)

boiled potatoes
red cabbage
caramel potatoes

and desert is riz a l'almonde

BTW all your dinners sounds amazing and give me ideas for other times of the year :thumbsup:


*Your menu is by far so impressive! Wow! Well, I had planned on making braised beef, or standing rib roast…but, chose to make lasagna with a delicious simple salad and garlic bread, instead. I plan to make the braised beef for New Year’s day meal…and grilled shrimp with some interesting appetizers for NY’s Eve.

I am interested in this ‘whole red snapper baked in salt crust.’ That sounds delectable. *


We had our main dinner on Christmas Eve:

Baked Scallops
Snow **** clusters
Rosemary potatoes
String beans w/slivered almonds
Baked honey ham (for those who don’t like seafood) w/pineapples
Hawian rolls

On Christmas Day we have a big breakfast rather than another big dinner this makes it easier for the kids/grandchildren to make the rounds and visit the other side of the family

This Christmas breakfast was

Pancakes: chocolate chip and plain
Fresh from the oven corn muffins
Sausage links
Scrambled eggs


[quote="chevalier, post:2, topic:181063"]
Carp baked in red wine sauce with ginger and other spices.
Borshch (beetroot soup).
Pierogi (mushroom and sauerkraut stuffing).
Herrings in spicy marinade with onions.
Stuffed eggs.


A real* wigilia*!


Standing rib roast…mmmm…

The fish is simple and showy - we used this recipe. It was DH’s job:


Thanks nicole for the link!


For Christmas Eve I asked my wife to try a Wigilia - Polish Traditional dinner, except we are in Alaska, so we twisted it a bit.

Our menu was:

-Homemade Mushroom and Chive soup
-Perogi - Cheese and Potato
-Green Beans
-Salmon - instead of Herring, I mean we are in Alaska :)

For Christmas we definitely had Alaskan flavor:
-Halibut with Parm & Onion baked topping
-Caribou with Teriyaki Gravy (I know a little twisted to eat reindeer on Christmas)
-Cheesey Scalloped potatoes


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